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Trans Rights are human rights

Samuel Steggall

Posted by Samuel Steggall | Paralegal
On 15th January 2021

With the recent step forwards for gender equality and a new year coming in it seems a fitting time to consider how far English law has come in regard to establishing equal rights and to consider and highlight where, as housing lawyers, we need to see some change.

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Human Rights Day: The impact of the COVID-19 restrictions on human rights

Hermione Cox

Posted by Hermione Cox | Trainee
On 10th December 2020

This has been one of the most significant years for human rights globally in living memory. The pandemic has brought inequalities into sharp focus and further entrenched them. It is against this backdrop that the government has spoken out increasingly against ‘activist lawyers’ and launched reviews of the Human Rights Act 1998 and other mechanisms for challenging state decisions. The role of human rights in holding the state to account has never been more crucial. The government must have proper regard for human rights in its continued response to the pandemic and the recovery from it in the years to come.

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Face recognition technology at Notting Hill Carnival – another example of over-policing of black communities that will not make society safer.

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On 30th August 2017

Notting Hill Carnival is the second largest in the world and celebrates Caribbean culture, and it is one of the safest festivals in the world. Yet, every year, the apparently numerous arrests made at Carnival is widely reported and used as justification to threaten the existence of Carnival itself and to employ police tactics that are unfair and discriminatory.

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Joint Committee on Human Rights calls for national oversight body to prevent prison deaths

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On 3rd May 2017

Following a call by Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights for a national oversight mechanism to ensure that lessons are learned from deaths in prisons, Clair Hilder reflects on the growing number of cases that demonstrate the failure of our current system to protect vulnerable prisoners.

Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights (the JCHR) is currently carrying out an inquiry into mental health and deaths in prison, looking at three broad themes…

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