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Can I claim compensation for mesothelioma?

Andrew James

Posted by Andrew James | Senior Associate
On 11th January 2019

In order to claim compensation we have to be able to show that you were negligently exposed to asbestos fibres and that this exposure has caused your asbestos disease. Usually this occurs through occupational exposure to asbestos many decades earlier but it is still possible to claim even if the company is no longer in existence provided that we can trace their insurers. There is even a compensation scheme for those cases where the company has ceased trading and the insurers cannot be traced.

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Dangers of Asbestos from Clothing and Legal Issues

Isobel Lovett

Posted by Isobel Lovett | Partner
On 18th October 2018

We are seeing an increasing number of women who contract mesothelioma from asbestos and often without any occupational history of exposure themselves.

Though women are perhaps less likely to have worked in the traditionally male-dominated heavy industries where direct exposure to asbestos was commonplace, they are at high risk from secondary exposure. One 1997 US study found that nearly half of the women who had contracted mesothelioma had suffered exposure due to household contact with individuals who worked with asbestos. Typically, the women did the family laundry and shook out the contaminated clothes before washing them, breathing in large quantities of asbestos fibres in the process.

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