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The importance of an informed consent to chiropractic treatment

James Bell

Posted by James Bell | Partner
On 19th November 2019

There was a very shocking story in the news over the past few days. A retired bank manager, Mr John Lawler, underwent chiropractic treatment for a leg injury with a Dr Arleen Scholten at her clinic in York.

Tragically, Mr Lawler suffered irreversible spinal damage during her manipulative therapy session which left him a quadriplegic. This injury sadly led to respiratory depression from which he died within a day of the injury.

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Mental health hospitals and bed space – an increase in suicides?

James Bell

Posted by James Bell | Partner
On 19th November 2019

It was recently reported that more mental health hospital beds are needed in England, in order to stop the practice of sending patients with mental health issues to other hospitals elsewhere, often a substantial distance away from the patient’s home. The issue of mental health has been gaining media increased coverage as has the specific issue of the availability of beds for such patients.

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The scope of the doctor’s duty of care – ABC revisited

Emma Wray

Posted by Emma Wray | Partner
On 18th November 2019

The case of ABC v St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust and others [2017] EWCA Civ 336, [2017] All ER (D) 116 (May) returns to the High Court for determination, over two years after the Court of Appeal reversed a High Court Judge’s decision to strike out the claimant’s claim against the defendant NHS trusts responsible for treating her father. The judge had found that the defendants had not owed her a duty of care to inform her of her father’s diagnosis of an inherited genetic condition, in breach of patient confidentiality and his express wishes…

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The Forfeiture Rule: Does it pay to slay?

Jack Williams

Posted by Jack Williams | Trainee
On 15th November 2019

Over the years TV shows and popular culture have depicted storylines of people murdering wealthy family members in order to receive an early inheritance, or prevent it falling into the hands of someone else.

Sadly this is also true of real life, but can a person really benefit from their criminal actions like they do on the silver screen?

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