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Road safety for cyclists – recent developments

Francesca Rhodes

Posted by Francesca Rhodes | Solicitor
On 19th January 2017

Many cyclists suffer catastrophic injury or death in accidents involving HGVs each year. In London alone, 7 of the 9 cyclists killed in 2015 were hit by HGVs. When cyclists and large vehicles collide the outcome is rarely very good for the cyclist and this is an area we must focus on to eliminate or reduce accidents and harm to cyclists.

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Metropolitan Police Service criticised for failing London’s children

Remyhs Baker

Posted by Remyhs Baker | Trainee
On 18th January 2017

Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary Sir Thomas Windsor has said that; “protecting the vulnerable, particularly children is perhaps the most important job that police officers and staff undertake.” Yet, the Metropolitan Police Service, the largest police service in England and Wales, has severely failed vulnerable children, it has come to light in a recent, damning, report.

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The gig economy and a perfect storm of unfairness in employment law

Rhian Radia

Posted by Rhian Radia | Partner
On 18th January 2017

The Law Society has recently responded to the BEIS inquiry into the future world of work and the rights of workers in the gig economy. The response recognises that uncertainty in legal concepts around employment status simply leads to uncertainty over employment rights. This greyness has allowed certain businesses to not view themselves as employers and to deny basic employment rights to their workforce.

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Should insurance companies be trusted?

Andrew James

Posted by Andrew James | Senior Associate
On 17th January 2017

A look back in history at the way that one of the UK’s biggest asbestos claims handlers dealt with their liabilities gives us a clue. The Iron Trades, a mutual association was founded in 1898 and could write insurance business only for customers who were members of that mutual organisation. In the 1940s, the association created a new subsidiary that it used to write business to non-members called the Iron Trades Mutual Insurance Company Ltd.

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