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Possible remedies for the disinherited

Nicola Waldman

Posted by Nicola Waldman | Partner
On 12th October 2017

The case of a son, who is suing his mother and sisters after he was cut out of his dementia suffering father’s will is widely reported in the press this week. The brief facts of the case are that the 60 year old son, Sam James, had worked on the family farm all his life and claimed that he did this on the promise that he would inherit it. He thought that his father had signed a will in 2004 leaving the farm to him, but he claims that his mother intercepted this will and that she pressurised his father to sign a new will (in 2012) while he was suffering from dementia, that excluded Sam entirely. The ruling will be delivered at a later date.

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IVF Hammersmith and wrongful birth claims

James Bell

Posted by James Bell | Partner
On 9th October 2017

The Guardian last week featured the worrying story of how an IVF clinic, IVF Hammersmith was duped into enabling a woman to conceive a child by IVF after forging her ex partner’s signature.

The mother apparently produced a forged form, said to have been signed by her ex-partner, agreeing to proceed with IVF treatment…

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