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Surgery rehabilitation and prosthetics – 40 years of advancement

Riffat Yaqub

Posted by Riffat Yaqub | Partner
On 20th September 2017

This month, Hodge Jones & Allen celebrated its 40th birthday. In the 40 years since the firm opened its doors, technology to assist people with life changing amputation injuries has moved from the realms of science fiction (think Luke Skywalker’s robotic arm in the Star Wars franchise, coincidentally also turning 40 this year) into a real possibility with trials for a similar device currently being undertaken in the NHS.

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Health Service Safety Investigations Bill

James Bell

Posted by James Bell | Partner
On 20th September 2017

I think everyone who works in the medicolegal world will welcome the introduction of the
Health Service Safety Investigations Bill on 14th September 2017. This will establish the Health Service Safety Investigations Body (HSSIB). The purpose of this organisation is to investigate adverse incidents in the NHS and to help to improve patient safety.

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Protesting Against the Arms Fair

Raj Chada

Posted by Raj Chada | Partner
On 11th September 2017

Reports have suggested that upwards of 100 people have been arrested in last week’s protests at the DSEi arms fair.

Most would appear to have been charged with minor offences, such as obstructing the highway. Many were charged without interview and bailed to court – depriving them of any opportunity to put their account or indeed to have proper legal consultations.

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