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What is the law around child seats when travelling in cars in 2018?

Louise Jukes

Posted by Louise Jukes | Senior Associate
On 22nd June 2018

Since 1989 it has been a legal requirement for children in the back of cars to wear seatbelts or use an appropriate car seat. It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure this. Failure to wear seatbelts could lead to a Fixed Penalty Notice fine. That said it is not always as clear as it could be what exactly the law says when a child is travelling in a vehicle.

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What is Contributory Negligence and what does it mean for your personal injury claim?

Sarah Townsend

Posted by Sarah Townsend | Paralegal
On 21st June 2018

Contributory negligence is a legal term used as a defence to suggest for example in a personal injury claim the person who is injured is also partly to blame.

Proving liability (or who is to blame) in personal injury claims is always the first ‘hurdle’ to overcome. This means proving that the Defendant is to blame for the accident.

After a Defendant is notified of a claim they have a period of time to investigate the allegations and then respond confirming their position on this issue. They can respond in one of three ways:…

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Do I need to disclose all my medical records in a personal injury claim?

Emily Welstead

Posted by Emily Welstead | Associate
On 19th June 2018

Whether or not you will need to disclose all your medical records in a personal injury claim depends on the circumstances of the accident and the injury sustained.

Medical Records may be needed to prove the injury, its severity and sometimes prognosis
In order to bring a successful personal injury claim, you will need to prove that the accident caused or at least contributed to your injury. In order to do this, your solicitor will need to obtain expert medical evidence. This is usually in the form of a report, prepared by an independent medical expert. The expert will also report on your condition and the prognosis of your injury.

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