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Are demotions an alternative to redundancies in a post-Covid workplace?

Lauren Hannath

Posted by Lauren Hannath | Solicitor
On 15th January 2021

During a restructure an employer may offer to demote an employee as an alternative to a dismissal for reason of redundancy. Depending on the circumstances, a demotion may be beneficial to both parties. A demotion generally involves an employer changing an employee’s role which results in less responsibility, reduced seniority and/or reduced pay. However, it is crucial that employers tread carefully if they choose to take such action and ensure they act lawfully when making any such contractual changes.

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Trans Rights are human rights

Samuel Steggall

Posted by Samuel Steggall | Paralegal
On 15th January 2021

With the recent step forwards for gender equality and a new year coming in it seems a fitting time to consider how far English law has come in regard to establishing equal rights and to consider and highlight where, as housing lawyers, we need to see some change.

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Eviction ban extended until 22 February 2021

Sophie Bell

Posted by Sophie Bell | Partner
On 13th January 2021

On 20 November 2020, Hodge Jones & Allen posted a blog explaining that there would be a temporary ban on most evictions until 11 January 2021, as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite the clear severity of the situation and despite numerous calls from charities and campaigners to extend the ban on evictions, the decision to do so was only announced on 8 January 2021, three days before the planned end. And even then, the ban has only been extended until 22 February 2021.

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