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The office Christmas party

Henna Elahi

Posted by Henna Elahi | Solicitor
On 8th December 2016

It’s that time of the year again – the office Christmas party. A strange social and work event which can sometimes get out of hand with plenty of opportunities for people to forget that while it may be a party, you’re still technically at work and something you do at the party could then come back and haunt you later. Here’s a list of suggestions to help you navigate the minefield:

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Questions about cause of death – gaining answers from an inquest

Emily Welstead

Posted by Emily Welstead | Solicitor
On 8th December 2016

Losing a loved one is a very difficult and traumatic. In some cases, where the cause of death is uncertain or unnatural, an inquest must be held. What is an inquest?

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Can I delay my decree absolute to finalise financial remedy matters?

Meera Shinh

Posted by Meera Shinh | Solicitor
On 6th December 2016

It is common misconception amongst many litigants that the divorce can only be finalised once all financial matters have been resolved. In actual fact the divorce can be finalised before financial matters are resolved or for that matter before they have even commenced.

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Harassment and unlawful evictions… a solicitor’s view

Arjun Jethwa

Posted by Arjun Jethwa | Solicitor
On 6th December 2016

It is an offence for a landlord to engage in behaviour or an activity, or encourage others to do so which could force a tenant to leave a property or interfere with their quiet enjoyment of the property. Also, a landlord must follow due process in order to re-enter a property. Due process means serving a notice, issuing a claim for possession, obtaining an order for possession and enforcing that order with court bailiffs.

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What can employers do when an employee’s behaviour outside of work causes damage to the company’s reputation?

Homa Wilson

Posted by Homa Wilson | Senior Associate
On 5th December 2016

The world is made smaller with social media and the divide between work life and private life seems to have been blurred. People appear to be all too eager to declare their views to the world…

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