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The cost of noisy neighbours

Chun Wong

Posted by Chun Wong | Partner
On 16th March 2018

Last week we heard how Ms Fouladi was awarded over £100,000 for putting up with the noise from her upstairs neighbours especially from the children playing since 2010 when the family moved in.

The argument by the family that they were simply living a normal domestic life and that Ms Fouladi was being hypersensitive was rejected by the judge…

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Collaboration in personal injury claims – a two-way process

Afiya Begum

Posted by Afiya Begum | Solicitor
On 16th March 2018

I recently attended a seminar about understanding Defendant Insurers in Personal Injury claims and how to work collaboratively with them to achieve better outcomes for all parties concerned. I found the seminar to be useful in terms of giving an insight into the way a claim is managed by a Defendant Insurer and how Insurers look to resolve the issues of liability and quantum as early as possible. However I did leave the seminar thinking why in practice this was not always my experience with Insurers.

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GMC apologises over decision to appeal Tribunal decision in the Dr Bawa-Garba case

Emma Wray

Posted by Emma Wray | Partner
On 15th March 2018

Dr Bawa-Garba was found guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence following the death of Jack Adcock, a 6 year old child, who was admitted to Leicester Royal Infirmary (LRI) on 18 February 2011. He died later that day, in part because of failings in his treatment.

Findings of gross negligence manslaughter against health care professionals are rare and this case raised (not so rare) concerns about the relationship between personal culpability and systemic failures.

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Theresa May – Housing strategy 2018

On 14th March 2018

On 05 March 2018 Theresa May addressed the housing crisis in her speech to the National Housing Conference.

Research shows that over 4,700 people are street homeless which is a 15% rise from last year’s figures, so how will Theresa May be tackling these problems?

One of the main points the Prime Minister voiced during her speech was to prevent developers from ‘land banking’ until it had substantially increased in price. Mrs May went on to state by doing so this would work against them in the future when bidding for new planning permission. Developers are to build homes which the average person can afford, should they not maintain this approach within two years of obtaining planning permission Councils ought to consider revoking it.

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