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Disrepair but no disrepair claim? Tenants’ Rights under the Environmental Protection Act

Sophie Bell

Posted by Sophie Bell | Partner
On 14th December 2017

Sadly, many tenants find themselves living in unsatisfactory living conditions which are having or could have an impact on the health and safety of their families. However, not all are in a position to bring a claim for disrepair. This is because where the issue relates to an inherent defect in the property rather than the structure or an installation being “in disrepair”, no such claim will exist.

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Private Renting, Disrepair and an Unsatisfactory Landlord

Satvir Sahota

Posted by Satvir Sahota | Senior Associate
On 14th December 2017

Around 5 million households in Britain are in private rented accommodation and a quarter of these households are families with children. It has been reported that this number is set to rise in the next five years. Unfortunately many of these households will at some point in their tenancy experience a problem with the condition of their home. When such a problem occurs, the tenant’s first port of call will of course be their landlord. If the landlord in question adheres to their obligations as per the tenancy and the law, then there should be no issue, the problem will be inspected and competently fixed within a reasonable period of time.

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Children held unlawfully in police cells – an institutional and systematic problem

Elena Papamichael

Posted by Elena Papamichael | Trainee
On 14th December 2017

A recent report relating to inspections of police custody has found that too many children who were charged and refused bail remained in custody overnight.

Some of these children were kept in cells over the weekend, when they should have been moved to alternative accommodation provided through the local authority. I regularly represent young people who have been arrested at the police station and these findings come as no surprise.

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Access to justice is slow going

Chun Wong

Posted by Chun Wong | Partner
On 13th December 2017

The Law Gazette confirmed yesterday what all practitioners have felt for a while now – claims are taking longer.

Apparently we have hit a 10 year high – 560 claims were issued from July to September 2017. The average time for a claim in the fast/multi track from issue to trial is now 56.5 weeks.

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