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Surrogacy and the Law- changes need to be made

Fiona Bowen

Posted by Fiona Bowen | Trainee
On 15th June 2018

Surrogacy is a situation that many people may only encounter in a TV storyline, a high-profile celebrity announcement or a dramatic news story about surrogacy gone wrong. Indeed, it is believed that only a few hundred British children are born each year as a result of surrogacy arrangements…

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Disclosure in criminal cases. Is this our darkest hour?

Natalie Smith

Posted by Natalie Smith | Senior Associate
On 14th June 2018

What is Disclosure?
In a criminal trial the prosecution are obliged, in advance of a trial, to disclose the evidence which they have. This includes all the evidence including that which it doesn’t intent to use but could assist with the defence.

Disclosure in criminal cases has recently come under intense scrutiny following the collapse of a number of prosecutions due to police failures to investigate or disclose information to the defence.

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What is an occupation order?

Beth Goodall

Posted by Beth Goodall | Paralegal
On 13th June 2018

You can obtain an occupation order under the Family Law Act 1996. It confers, declares, restricts or regulates rights of occupation in the family home.

There are five different sections under which an application for an occupation order can be made…

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Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) preventing people making “Drill” music

Elena Papamichael

Posted by Elena Papamichael | Solicitor
On 11th June 2018

In what the newspapers are calling an “unprecedented move”, the Metropolitan Police have applied for a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) to be imposed in a case involving teenagers and young adult defendants that will prohibit them from making “drill” music. This application follows the position recently taken by the Metropolitan Police and reported in the media that drill music is responsible for an escalation in serious youth violence.

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Asbestos exposure outside the UK- the problems continue

Daniel Cooper

Posted by Daniel Cooper | Solicitor
On 11th June 2018

In the UK we can be grateful that exposure to asbestos for the ordinary person is rare. Though its dangers were obscured for generations, its eventual total ban in 1999 meant that workers and British citizens were finally afforded the protection they needed. Unfortunately, the same lies that the asbestos industry asked us to swallow in the 60s and 70s are still being repeated in other parts in the world. Amongst others, Russia and Kazakhstan still mine asbestos and countries like India still import millions of tons of it every year. Those that suffer most are rarely those that own the mines or make vast profits from cheap building materials.

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