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Why did Sally Challen challenge the Forfeiture Rule if she didn’t want the money?

Nicola Waldman

Posted by Nicola Waldman | Partner
On 28th May 2020

It has been widely reported in the media that Sally Challen has won the right to inherit the £1m estate of her husband despite being convicted of his murder, subsequently overturned when the Crown accepted her guilty plea to his manslaughter. I will not go into the details of the case here save to say that in accepting her manslaughter plea, it was also noted that the deceased had ‘coercive control’ over his wife which is now recognised as a criminal offence (although it was not recognised as such at the time of the killing).

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Child Arrangement Orders during Covid-19

Bharti Shah

Posted by Bharti Shah | Partner
On 28th May 2020

With us being in the midst of this Covid-19 pandemic, people are increasingly experiencing difficulties with child care arrangements during the lockdown.

Where there is a court order in place which regularises where a child is to live and what time s/he should spend with the other parent/ care giver, the spirit of the order should be adhered to as much as is practicable.

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Practice Direction 51Z – The stay of possession proceedings expires on 25 June 2020

Jack Crown

Posted by Jack Crown | Solicitor
On 28th May 2020

There is scope within the Direction for the stay to continue until 30 October 2020. It is perhaps unlikely that the stay will be extended all the way until then, this would be another five months and it is not apparent that deaths and infection risks due to COVID-19 will continue this late into the year. To prevent an unworkable backlog of cases it is likely that hearings will proceed remotely.

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Sobriety orders or Sobriety Ankle Tags

Sean Caulfield

Posted by Sean Caulfield | Partner
On 28th May 2020

There has been some coverage in the press of a new sentencing power available to the criminal courts when sentencing people to community orders, to require that they wear a tag to monitor alcohol use. The correct and rather boring term for these tags is the Alcohol Abstinence Monitoring Requirement (AAMR). However, they have become popularly known as ‘sobriety ankle tags’.

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Managing as separated parents during Covid-19

Vanessa Friend

Posted by Vanessa Friend | Partner
On 27th May 2020

Covid-19 presents challenges for all separated parents whether they were previously married or cohabiting. It may be particularly hard for unmarried parents, who have relied on informal agreements as to the care of the children. The key concerns for parents are likely to be a possible reduction in child maintenance due to a loss of income and managing the contact arrangements during lockdown.

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