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Bristol police Taser their own community relations adviser, raising major concerns about Taser use

Theo Richardson-Gool

Posted by Theo Richardson-Gool | Paralegal
On 24th February 2017

Last month, police in Bristol wrongly Tasered a race relations adviser who had worked to improve links between the police force and the local African Caribbean community. The incident raises serious and important questions about how Tasers are being used by police, whether current levels of training are adequate and the risks of arming more police officers with Tasers.

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It was all #Doris’ fault

Joseph Henry

Posted by Joseph Henry | Associate
On 24th February 2017

The country woke this morning to start assessing the damage caused by Storm Doris. My own shed roof and the roof of my daughter’s playhouse was strewn around the garden but everything seems to be accounted for and no major damage was caused.

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