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When firm management turns into bullying

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On 26th March 2018

When does an ‘assertive’ style cross the line, and what can employers do to prevent it? Rhian Radia reportsManchester United’s glory years owe much to Alex Ferguson’s firm management style. However, kicking footwear directly between the eyes of a star player crosses a line. Does Lord Alan Sugar’s management style though? Lord Sugar probably considers himself merely to be providing an honest critique of a potential apprentice’s performance. He is, in his eyes, one would think, the master of delivering a difficult message.

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How to avoid an employment tribunal

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On 7th November 2016

The employment tribunal is hardly a destination of choice and there is much to be said for not having to spend much time there. But small businesses often don’t have the benefit of a HR team focused on claim prevention. This can be a factor in employment problems not being nipped in the bud at an early stage and matters escalating, until an appearance at the employment tribunal begins to look inevitable.

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