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Criminal Defence

Beware the new early guilty plea sentencing guidelines

Ruth Harris

Posted by Ruth Harris | Partner
On 9th March 2017

Criminal defence practitioners this week will have approached the publishing of the new definitive guideline on reduction in sentence for a guilty plea, which becomes effective in June, with some trepidation. The proposed guidelines released last year for consultation seemed to demonstrate a worryingly prescriptive approach and suggested a significant limiting of reductions in sentence for pleas proffered after the first hearing.

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Getting to the heart of knife crime in the UK

Elena Papamichael

Posted by Elena Papamichael | Trainee
On 8th February 2017

Last night three prisoners were stabbed in Pentonville, one fatally, a tragic reminder that something must be done to address the prevalence of knife crime in the UK. That said, the government proposals for tougher sentencing for knife offences will be ineffective in reducing knife crime and have the potential to inflict serious injustice on society, especially young people. Sentences are already harsh and yet knife crime continues to rise. We need a more meaningful approach which will actually prevent knife crime and save lives.

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