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Every part of the criminal justice system needs to change – and that includes defence lawyers

Raj Chada

Posted by Raj Chada | Partner
On 6th December 2016

The emerging findings from David Lammy MP’s review should make all of us who work in the criminal justice system pause to reflect. It is not that the statistics are particularly surprising or shocking. As a cynical activist remarked after the publication of the Stephen Lawrence report, he hardly needed a lengthy public inquiry to tell him that the Metropolitan Police are institutionally racist, so I hardly need a committee of the great and the good to tell me that BAME (black and minority ethnic) individuals are over represented in the criminal justice system.

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How to avoid an employment tribunal

Rhian Radia

Posted by Rhian Radia | Partner
On 7th November 2016

The employment tribunal is hardly a destination of choice and there is much to be said for not having to spend much time there. But small businesses often don’t have the benefit of a HR team focused on claim prevention. This can be a factor in employment problems not being nipped in the bud at an early stage and matters escalating, until an appearance at the employment tribunal begins to look inevitable.

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The unintended consequences of bail reform

Ruth Harris

Posted by Ruth Harris | Partner
On 4th October 2016

The Policing and Crime Bill is working its way through Parliament into law. Contained within are radical proposals for dealing with suspects while their cases are under investigation. The proposed changes follow increasing concern about the time it takes police to conclude investigations.

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The NHS is imploding: Ministers must focus

Nina Ali

Posted by Nina Ali | Partner
On 13th September 2016

No sooner have we learnt that the Brexit campaign’s promised £350m a week was a lie, a series of five-day junior doctor strikes have been announced, alongside widespread predictions of a winter meltdown in the service. The NHS is imploding before our very eyes.

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Getting married? Buying a place with your boyfriend? Five estate planning issues gay couples must think about

Nicola Waldman

Posted by Nicola Waldman | Partner
On 12th September 2016

If you are buying a new place with your boyfriend, getting married or becoming civil partners, it’s an exciting time when you will be making plans for your future life together. Honeymoon destinations, wedding gift lists or what décor to include in your new home will probably be on your to do list. What probably won’t feature is writing a will or making a power of attorney.

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Raj Chada Column

Raj Chada

Posted by Raj Chada | Partner
On 7th September 2016

"Chilcot lays bare a catastrophic error of judgement. That is a damning indictment in history. Whether it is an indictment for a trial is less clear.” "Let justice be done though the heavens fall' is a maxim and notion as old as the scriptures. The phrase gained notoriety when district attorney Jim Garrison used it in the 1967 prosecution of Clay Shaw for the murder of John F Kennedy (it was subsequently immortalised in Oliver Stone's JFK film).

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