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Hearsay notices and witness summaries

Joseph Henry

Posted by Joseph Henry | Associate
On 14th June 2017

There are numerous reasons why a witness may be unable or unwilling to assist a party in litigation, either by providing a witness statement, attending court or both. In such circumstances, careful consideration should be given to how that evidence can be adduced.

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Working in legal aid – Taking on the state can be frustrating but the ability to effect real change makes the fight worthwhile

Joanna Bennett

Posted by Joanna Bennett | Solicitor
On 31st May 2017

Ever since I decided to pursue a career in law I knew that I wanted to do so in order to help individuals to hold public bodies accountable for their actions. So when I qualified in 2015, I focused on civil liberties and mental health law and last year joined the civil liberties team at Hodge Jones & Allen.

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