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Medical Negligence Injury Claims

Whenever you or a family member undergoes medical treatment or a medical service, such as receiving a diagnosis or undergoing surgery, there is a level of trust present that needs to be maintained. However, at times, accidents and errors can occur as well as substandard care, from the medical professional. This is known as medical or clinical negligence.


There are many different types of areas in which you may experience medical or clinical negligence, including a vast array of specific injuries or illnesses for which you will need expert legal assistance to make a claim based around physical, mental or financial damage to you or your family members’ person.

This particular area is known as damages, and these are a part of a series that a specialist solicitor will look at. The other two areas are breach of duty, which is based on proving that your doctor or medical professional provided care below the standard of a competent professional, and causation, which is based on proving that a medical professional caused your injuries by providing substandard care.

It is important to note that whilst you pursue a medical negligence claim, it will only be about claiming compensation. Should your case go to court, the court cannot:

  • discipline a medical professional
  • force a hospital or individual healthcare professional to change how they perform their work, or;
  • require the medical professional to give you an apology


Our experienced team of understanding and caring medical negligence solicitors have the requisite expertise across all of the areas listed below, ensuring that you will be able to secure the result you deserve for any claim that you make.

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