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Civil Liberties

Family demands improvements to mental health services in Kent after young mother commits suicide

7th December 2016 - BBC Radio Kent

A family is demanding improvements to mental health services in Kent after a young mother under the care of the NHS took her own life by jumping in front of a train. Last month an inquest found that neglect by Kent’s mental health trust contributed to the death of Natalie Gray. Alice Hardy who is representing the family speaks about the case at 1:07.

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Health trust slammed for ‘gross failings’ after assessing Folkestone mother as ‘low risk’ on day she jumped in front of train

24th November 2016 - Kent News

A catalogue of “gross failings” by a health trust contributed to the death of a Folkestone mother, an inquest has been told. Natalie Gray, 24, died on April 21, 2015 after jumping in front of a train at Barming station. Civil LIberties solicitor Alice Hardy is acting for the family.

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Strip Search Police Apology

4th November 2016 - BBC News

Civil Liberties Senior Associate Clair Hilder and a woman who was strip searched and left naked in a cell tells of her ordeal while interviewed on BBC Victoria Derbyshire’s show.

Full interview starts at 17:28 into the recording.

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Woman wins Met apology for strip search after five-year battle

3rd November 2016 - Evening Standard

A young woman who was forcibly strip-searched by five police officers after being arrested outside a Notting Hill club has received a formal apology from the Met after a five-year battle. Civil Liberties senior associate, Clair Hilder acted for the client.

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Without the ability to hold the Government to account for their safety record there is a serious risk that soldiers’ lives will be lost

25th October 2016 - Huffington Post

Jocelyn Cockburn, on the Government’s proposed ‘landmark measure’ to protect armed forces from ‘persistent legal claims in future overseas operations’ by introducing a presumption to derogate (opt out) from the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

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