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Civil Liberties

British troops will lose human rights protections

14th October 2016 - Solicitors Journal

Civil liberties lawyer Jocelyn Cockburn hits out at the government for misleading the public over human rights claims.

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Plans for UK military to opt out of human rights laws would leave our soldiers without vital protections

11th October 2016 - The Justice Gap

Civil Liberties partner Jocelyn Cockburn speaks out on plans for UK military to opt out of human rights laws.

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CPS pays ‘significant sum’ over ‘lamentable’ failures to disclose critical evidence

7th October 2016 - Justice Gap

The Crown Prosecution Service has been forced to pay-out a ‘significant amount’ for repeatedly withholding the evidence that led to a man’s conviction being overturned but only after he spent six years in prison. Conrad Jones was wrongfully convicted of perverting the course of justice during the investigation into murder of Clinton Bailey.

The settlement, which is to be kept confidential but the Guardian reports is likely to be over £100,000, was agreed following a legal challenge brought by Jones against the CPS for misfeasance in a public office. This followed failure to disclose critical evidence undermining the case against Jones during his prosecution in 2007. Jones also claimed that the CPS’ conduct breached his right to a fair trial. The pay out comes just days after the Court of Appeal cleared two of the men charged in the murder.

Mr Conrad Jones was represented by Sasha Barton, a partner in the Civil Liberties Team.

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UK troops to be protected from ‘spurious legal claims’

5th October 2016 - BBC News

Legal measures to protect UK troops from “spurious” claims of misconduct have been unveiled by the government. Civil Liberties solicitor Jocelyn Cockburn comments.

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A nightmare on claimant street

30th September 2016 - New Law Journal

Fixed costs are unfair and unjust to claimants, says Senior Partner Patrick Allen.

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