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NHS Safety

Emma Wray

Posted by Emma Wray | Partner
On 31st October 2017

Hospitals are failing to tackle “significant safety problems” which can cause death or disability, the NHS medical director Prof Sir Bruce Keogh has said in a revealing interview with Telegraph health editor Laura Donnelly.

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Are Independent Midwives under insured?

James Bell

Posted by James Bell | Partner
On 29th September 2017

Independent midwives are self-employed providers of maternity care who work outside the NHS, although they will inevitably have been trained by the NHS and are likely to be highly experienced. They are fairly rare although quite a number do practice in London and other major cities in the UK.

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Care navigators and the duty of care to patients

James Bell

Posted by James Bell | Partner
On 28th September 2017

The Guardian covers a worrying trend today, which is the decreasing number of GPs.

They focus on Brighton to show the extent of the problem ;- 

“Brighton and Hove has lost a quarter of its surgeries in two years, as pressure on the primary care sector takes its toll on family doctors across the country”

“The local health watchdog estimates that up to a quarter of the city’s surgeries have shut since 2015, with more than 33,500 patients being forced to change GPs during that time.”

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Cerebral palsy claims – report from NHS raises concerns

James Bell

Posted by James Bell | Partner
On 22nd September 2017

The recent report by NHS Resolution – Five years of cerebral palsy claims, makes for very concerning reading. The report contains too much information for one blog so I am just focusing on the cause of the majority of cerebral palsy claims in this article – errors with CTG traces. Fifty cases were looked at in the report. These had been the subject of claims in the period 2012 -2016.

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