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Increased pressure on family life and relationships

Jacqueline Major

Posted by Jacqueline Major | Partner
On 18th March 2020

We are living in a situation caused by the Coronavirus which for the vast majority of the population is unprecedented. Most of us will never have experienced anything in our lifetimes equivalent to the effect this pandemic will have on our lives. This is a time of massive uncertainty, of global concern, and soaring rates of infection. Many people’s lives at risk. The virus has severely affected the economy, which in turn has affected the income of a lot of people, and in some cases put their livelihoods at risk. At the time of writing, it remains to be seen whether the UK will enter similar lockdown precautions as in Italy, Spain, and France. In those places, people are not allowed to leave their homes unless with a certificate to travel, effectively forcing them to remain in their homes. In the UK we already have thousands self-isolating if they are showing symptoms or their family members are showing symptoms of the virus.

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What is the current status of Islamic marriages (Nikah) in the UK?

Lisa Okoroafor

Posted by Lisa Okoroafor | Solicitor
On 13th March 2020

Akhter v Khan and another [2020] EWCA Civ 122 – Summary of the facts

The Petitioner and the Respondent had an Islamic marriage ceremony (a Nikah) on 13 December 1998 at a restaurant in London. The parties had agreed that the Nikah ceremony would be followed by a civil marriage ceremony and understood that without such a ceremony they would not be legally recognised as married under English law. In 2016, the parties separated.

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#IWD2020 – Family law fails cohabiting women

Vanessa Friend

Posted by Vanessa Friend | Partner
On 4th March 2020

We are all equal in the eyes of the law, apparently. The problem comes when the law does not exist in the first place. If you are an unmarried couple living together you are not protected by any unified legislation, except to cover claims against one another as parents or on death as a dependant. This puts cohabitants at a disadvantage to married couples or those in a civil partnership. The issue particularly affects women, who often take on the burden of childcare at the expense of their career prospects only to find themselves financially unprotected at the end of the relationship.

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