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Can I delay my decree absolute to finalise financial remedy matters?

Meera Shinh

Posted by Meera Shinh | Solicitor
On 6th December 2016

It is common misconception amongst many litigants that the divorce can only be finalised once all financial matters have been resolved. In actual fact the divorce can be finalised before financial matters are resolved or for that matter before they have even commenced.

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Locating an abducted child

Tayo Taylor

Posted by Tayo Taylor | Solicitor
On 30th November 2016

It is frequently the case that where a child has been abducted into the jurisdiction of England and Wales from a country that is a signatory to the Hague Convention 1980, the parent that is left behind will have no idea where the child is living.

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Surely it’s time for the introduction of non-fault based divorces!

Jade Quirke

Posted by Jade Quirke | Solicitor
On 28th November 2016

This week has been dubbed ‘Good Divorce Week 2016’ by Resolution, an organisation of approximately 6,500 family lawyers and other professionals in England and Wales who believe in a constructive, non-confrontational approach to family law matters. This campaign will bring to light a number of pertinent issues, including the ongoing campaign for non-fault based divorces.

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Digitalisation of the family courts for financial cases

Riaz Munir

Posted by Riaz Munir | Trainee
On 21st November 2016

It is widely acknowledged and as set out in Hodge Jones & Allen’s Unjust Kingdom report (2015) that “the justice system requires faster modernisation”. One way of achieving of this is for the Courts to invest in technology which will help to make their processes and systems more efficient. This in turn will help the general public have their cases dealt with quickly by the Courts.

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On Divorce: What do you actually “need”?

Deborah Johnson

Posted by Deborah Johnson | Associate
On 9th November 2016

Financial “Needs” are always considered before a court makes a financial order to resolve the distribution of money of a marriage.

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