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Can I get help with the court fee for a divorce?

Deborah Johnson

Posted by Deborah Johnson | Senior Associate
On 2nd October 2018

The answer will always depend on the overall finances of the spouse starting the divorce application – the Petitioner.

The current court fee is £550 for an undefended divorce. This is a one-off front-loaded court fee. If both spouses co-operate, the divorce will be undefended. In addition, if both spouses sign and submit documents to the court when they are due, and without corrections, this will be the only court fee to pay throughout the entire process.

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A Quick Guide to Premarital Agreements

Jacqueline Major

Posted by Jacqueline Major | Partner
On 19th September 2018

A Premarital Agreement (PMA) is a written agreement entered into by a couple prior to their marriage or civil partnership. The agreement establishes what the couple would like to happen to their assets and income in the event that their marriage or civil partnership breaks down. If a PMA is not drafted and the marriage or civil partnership does, in fact, break down, the Court has total discretion as to financial provision, i.e. the division of the couple’s assets and income. In most cases, financial provision will be the core focus of the PMA, however, the agreement can cover other aspects too, such as provision for death by way of will – a solicitor can advise on what is reasonable and likely to be upheld by a Court.

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What are the Legal Grounds on which people can get divorced? – The “Basics”

Annie Boxer

Posted by Annie Boxer | Paralegal
On 23rd July 2018

The Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 governs the current law on divorce in England and Wales. The law states that the petitioner of the divorce, i.e. the person who starts proceedings, must be able to evidence that the marriage has irretrievably broken down – this is the sole ground for divorce – and in addition this must be evidenced on proof of one of the following five.

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