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A Divorcee’s Guide to State Pension Reform

Aston Stockdale

Posted by Aston Stockdale | Trainee
On 19th January 2018

Some research recently found that 71% of couples don’t discuss pensions at all during divorce settlements. The same report also states that despite an average married couple’s retirement pot totalling £132,000, more married people would be concerned about losing a pet during a settlement than sharing a pension.

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The process of divorce – working towards settlement and the true cost to individuals

Teena Dhanota-Jones

Posted by Teena Dhanota-Jones | Partner
On 16th January 2018

Some lay individuals assume that the divorce process is expensive; some have never embarked on a divorce nor do they know anyone that has gone through a divorce. They just seem to know that it is expensive. So where does this belief come from? We generally all obtain information, opinion and reports from some form of media, colleagues, friends and families.

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The Dos and Don’ts of cohabitation

Jacqueline Major

Posted by Jacqueline Major | Partner
On 27th November 2017

Living together, without getting married, is the fastest growing type of family in the UK. Currently, however, the law offers little protection for couples who cohabit with many falling into the mistaken ‘common law marriage’ trap, believing they have similar financial protection as married couples if the relationship breaks down. There is no such principle in England and Wales.

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