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How can a contract be held voidable or void?

Chun Wong

Posted by Chun Wong | Partner
On 5th December 2018

We enter into contracts on a daily basis in our lives sometimes without a second thought to what happens when things go wrong. It is vital that parties to a contract should be aware of whether and when that contract may be void or voidable. When does a contract form?

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Fundamental Dishonesty, what is it and the implications?

Alexander Panayi

Posted by Alexander Panayi | Trainee
On 14th November 2018

Qualified One Way Costs Shifting (“QOCS”) rules were introduced into the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) on 1st April 2013 as part of Lord Justice Jackson’s reforms. The rules are contained within CPR 44.13 – 44.17 and CPR44 Practice Direction Section 12. The rules were introduced to allow a Claimant to avoid costs liability if their case failed, as long as they had not been guilty of fundamental dishonesty.

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Banking scams: what to do if the banks blame you

Claire Kitchen

Posted by Claire Kitchen | Partner
On 31st October 2018

The number of consumers hit by banking scams is at an all-time high, yet with banks tightening their policies on compensating victims, where do you stand?

Banks differentiate between a ‘fraud’ and a ‘scam’, often refunding customers on the former, but refusing to on the latter. That’s because fraud is viewed by the banks as being the fault of criminals, whereas scams involve customers unwittingly transferring funds, so the banks lay the blame at the customers’ door.

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