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Do I have a right to request a decent broadband?

Chun Wong

Posted by Chun Wong | Partner
On 8th January 2021

More and more people are reliant on their broadband for working at home effectively, especially during the pandemic and lockdowns when the government guidance is to stress the importance of working at home to save lives and the NHS. This has obviously put a huge strain on the network providers, but is there any recourse if things are go wrong?

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The fall-out from UK Government coronavirus support schemes: ensuring the good-faith customer does not lose out

Benjamin Pike

Posted by Benjamin Pite | Solicitor
On 15th December 2020

The coronavirus has placed an unprecedented strain on people and businesses across the UK and the world. A major concern of the UK Government, perhaps only behind public health, has been the state of the economy, of which UK businesses are an integral part. The UK Government has therefore sought to support businesses through the pandemic with a wide range of financial support schemes, including loans and grants.

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How does GDPR affect video surveillance (CCTV)?

Chun Wong

Posted by Chun Wong | Partner
On 11th December 2020

There has been a growing market for video surveillance systems, such as smart video doorbells like Amazon’s Ring, which allows homeowners to keep an eye on their property and take deliveries without having to be at home. For users in the UK, they need to consider how the installation of such a device will call into play the General Data Protections Regulations (GDPR) and Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018.

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Shareholder Disputes and how to resolve them

Farishta Kamal

Posted by Farishta Kamal | Paralegal
On 28th October 2020

There are many challenges that may arise when running a business. It is important to determine these challenges promptly and find a way to resolve them without affecting the business. Disputes have the potential to damage a business, resulting in a breakdown of important relationship which may ultimately lead to a costly end. Where Companies are concerned, shareholder disputes are not uncommon. The key to preventing damage to a business is to resolve them without affecting the company.

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