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Disguised or dual-purpose? The Law around stun guns, are they legal and other legal considerations

Alex Chapman

Posted by Alex Chapman | Solicitor
On 11th December 2018

In recent years there has been an increase in seizures of stun guns / tasers which are disguised as torches or mobile phones. Often, these are seized at the border from returning holidaymakers or HGV drivers, but occasionally the police find these items in a person’s home while searching for something else. Many people do not realise that these items are illegal, and most do not realise that they may face a minimum five year prison sentence for possession of one.

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‘Fitness to plead’– vigorous representation needed for defendants in the Magistrates Court who are mentally unwell

Gary Monks

Posted by Gary Monks | Partner
On 21st November 2018

The grey area in relation to defendants who are too mentally unwell persists. Those who can’t effectively participate in proceedings in the Magistrates Court or who were too unwell to form the requisite mens rea (required intent or recklessness) at the time of the offence often results under s37(3) of the Mental Health Act 1983 or S11(1) of the PCC(S)A in the imposition or at least the consideration of a Hospital Order (or guardianship order) following either a conviction or a finding of fact.

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How do you challenge a restraining order?

Freya Colvin

Posted by Freya Colvin | Solicitor
On 5th October 2018

Section 5 of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 enables the Court to impose restraining orders following a conviction for any criminal offence when it is considered necessary to protect a person from conduct which amounts to harassment or which will cause fear of violence.

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