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WHEN MURDER INVESTIGATIONS GO WRONG – A Defence Lawyer’s perspective – part 1

Raj Chada

Posted by Raj Chada | Partner
On 17th April 2018

The unprecedented number of murders in London have led to much comment about the cause of such violence on our street (see Caroline Liggins comment). However, we should also consider the strain and pressure that this spree will place on the criminal justice system.

Having defended in a number of murders in the capital and beyond, Raj Chada, in a series of articles looks at the issues that arise in murder investigations, how it can go wrong and the need for an active defence with forensic scrutiny. In the first article, Raj looks at DNA evidence….

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Punishing young offenders – where did it go wrong?

Caroline Liggins

Posted by Caroline Liggins | Solicitor
On 16th April 2018

What is really going on out there with young people? Why is there such violence and resulting deaths?

I attended the Youth Court some months ago with a young client of mine. While waiting to be called into court for his sentencing hearing, a male entered the court waiting area and started verbally abusing him, shouting profanities … threatening his life. This was witnessed by four solicitors. The situation calmed down and the other young person (aggressor) was told to leave and come back for the afternoon court session. You could see it had rattled my client as he kept looking outside. He became very upset and nervous but repeated that he was ok.

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The Ides of March – the future of the European Arrest Warrant one year into the transition period

Bhaskar Banarjee

Posted by Bhaskar Banerjee | Solicitor
On 28th March 2018

It has now been almost one year to the day since 29 March 2017, when Sir Tim Barrow, the UK’s ambassador to the EU, under the gaze of a legion of reporters, strode up the President of the European Council Donald Tusk, to hand-deliver a letter signed by the British Prime Minister. The letter formally notified the EU of the United Kingdom’s intention to leave the EU under Article 50 of the Treaty of the European Union (TEU), beginning a two year withdrawal process from the EU.

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The effect of the CPRs on alcohol related driving matters

Gary Monks

Posted by Gary Monks | Senior Associate
On 2nd February 2018

We were recently reminded of the more rigorous regime of case management courtesy of the CPRs in connection with drink drive and failing to provide a specimen cases when faced with instructions that are based on a distrust of the intoxemeter both in terms of the reliability of the readings and where a failure to blow has been recorded on the MGDDA.

The comments of former senior DJ Riddle in the Cipriani case (where there were three days of evidence over 5 court days) adopted and approved of by the divisional court in Hassani would leave one in no doubt of the frustration of the court regarding that case and the robust approach to case management that should be adopted moving forwards and to which both defendants and lawyers will be subject.

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