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Confiscation – Concerns about Poor Recovery are a Reminder of the Importance of making sure the Order is Fair and Proportionate in the First Place

Ruth Harris

Posted by Ruth Harris | Partner
On 18th February 2019

For years, the issue of recovery of Confiscation Orders has concentrated the mind of the legal community. Confiscation Orders are made following a defendant’s conviction for certain offences. The Order aims to ensure offenders are deprived of financial benefit gained through their offending. But released figures show that only a fraction of that ordered to be confiscated is actually recovered.

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Legal Briefing about the Nature of Charge the Stansted 15 faced

Raj Chada

Posted by Raj Chada | Partner
On 7th February 2019

There has been much focus in the media on the nature of the charge faced by the Stansted 15. Our position, as set out in Court and will be argued in due course in the Court of Appeal, is that this is terror related legislation. Further, it was not appropriate for the Attorney General to give consent to the prosecution.

What were the Stansted 15 charged with?

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Harvey’s Law Tasks the Criminal Justice System with a Problem It Cannot Solve

Paris Theodorou

Posted by Paris Theodorou | Solicitor
On 6th February 2019

MPs have agreed with Katie Price that the current laws regulating social media are “not fit for purpose” after her son Harvey suffered horrendous online abuse. Parliament is now set to take up the issue in April, raising the first major national debate over so-called trolling. There is no doubt that internet speech carries very real risks along with its benefits. In recent years, social media has increased political polarization and instability, enabled political manipulation by foreign nations, and driven individuals to trauma and, in the most tragic cases, self-harm. Law must evolve and reform is necessary to address 21st century problems. However, in the debate ahead about how to regulate the internet, it is crucial to remember that the criminal justice system cannot and should not be the cure-all for abusive online speech.

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