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Charlie Gard and best interests’ decisions

Philippa Barton

Posted by Philippa Barton | Partner
On 31st July 2017

There has been a great deal of press coverage of the sad case of Charlie Gard who was born with a very rare genetic disease causing progressive muscle weakness and brain damage. Doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) advised his parents that there was no prospect of recovery and that his condition was terminal.

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Severe cuts in payments to bereaved families.

Philippa Barton

Posted by Philippa Barton | Partner
On 18th April 2017

When my father died in the 1970s leaving a widow and three teenage children, my mother was entitled to a Widow’s Pension which was the equivalent to a State Pension and this was paid to her until she received the State Pension.

Following a challenge by a widower to the European Court of Human Rights, the Widow’s Pension was replaced by the Widowed Parent’s Allowance which was paid to mothers and fathers. A lump sum of £2,000 was also paid to bereaved spouses.

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Help for the families of missing persons

Philippa Barton

Posted by Philippa Barton | Partner
On 15th March 2017

A very high number of people go missing each year in the UK. The figure is about 275,000. About one third of the missing are adults.

Most people who go missing reappear relatively quickly but some disappear for decades. It is estimated that there are currently around 20,000 people who have been missing for at least a year.

Apart from the distress and grief they suffer, there are a number of practical problems for those who are left behind.

If body has been found, then it is not possible to obtain a death certificate and make a claim on a life insurance policy.

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Deprivation of liberty and deputies

Posted by |
On 11th January 2017

A property and affairs deputy doesn’t have an obligation to worry about whether P is being deprived of their liberty because that is a welfare matter right? Wrong. The recent Court of Appeal decision in the case of Staffordshire County Council v SRK [2016] EWCOP27 (“SRK”) has put an obligation on property and affairs deputies to alert the relevant local authority to possible deprivation of liberty cases in certain circumstances.

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The importance of making a living will part 2

Philippa Barton

Posted by Philippa Barton | Partner
On 10th January 2017

The Court of Protection has recently heard a case concerning a 43 year old policeman who was badly injured in a motorbike accident in July 2015 and was left in a minimally conscious state. The injured man was Paul Briggs. His wife had applied to the court for his life sustaining treatment to be withdrawn. Other family members opposed the application saying that Paul would not want this.

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