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As a deputy, what are my responsibilities?

Philippa Barton

Posted by Philippa Barton | Partner
On 27th November 2018

A property and affairs deputy is appointed by the Court of Protection to make financial decisions on behalf of a person who lacks mental capacity.

The deputy has a similar role to a trustee. They must keep the deputyship funds entirely separate from their own personal funds. They must keep proper records and accounts. The deputy’s powers are set out in the deputyship order and the deputy must ensure that they comply with the terms of that order.

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The dangers and legal implications of adding someone to a bank account

Philippa Barton

Posted by Philippa Barton | Partner
On 28th September 2018

It is quite common for the elderly and incapacitated to add a third party to their bank accounts so that someone can help them with their finances. They may appoint one of their adult children, because that person happens to live locally and visits often. They may appoint a friend, neighbour or carer.

They believe that they are simply adding a name to their account but the reality is that they are changing their sole account to a joint account. What they may not realise is that on death any money held in a joint account passes automatically to the joint owner whether you intended this to happen or not.

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Do you really need a solicitor to get probate?

Philippa Barton

Posted by Philippa Barton | Partner
On 26th September 2017

Most probate practitioners have come across clients who report the death of a relative, come to the office to collect the will and advise us that they can deal with the probate themselves. It is not uncommon for the same client to return a few months later looking harassed, carrying boxes of papers and correspondence, and very keen to hand the whole lot over and get someone else to do it for them.

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Charlie Gard and best interests’ decisions

Philippa Barton

Posted by Philippa Barton | Partner
On 31st July 2017

There has been a great deal of press coverage of the sad case of Charlie Gard who was born with a very rare genetic disease causing progressive muscle weakness and brain damage. Doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) advised his parents that there was no prospect of recovery and that his condition was terminal.

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