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HJA In The News

Sisangia ruling restricts civil liberties

4th February 2016 - New Law Journal

A Court of Appeal ruling could restrict legal aid funding for false imprisonment claims, HJA has warned.

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Unjust Kingdom: why legal aid cuts require action and innovation

3rd February 2016 - New Law Journal

Jayesh Kunwardia on the effects that the legal aid cuts have had on the public and on the legal profession.

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Vaccine Damages – Peter Todd speaks out about Government’s current position on Pandemrix vaccine and Narcolepsy

3rd February 2016 - BBC Radio - File on Four

Last night’s BBC File on Four radio programme asked the question – “Is there enough Government support in the UK for those damaged by vaccines in the UK?”

Peter Todd, partner at Hodge Jones & Allen is representing more than 80 people who have had an adverse reaction to the Pandemrix vaccine and now suffer from narcolepsy.

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Cormac McDonough discusses the outcome of the inquest into a death of Luke Hughes

2nd February 2016 - BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester

Cormac McDonough, civil liberties solicitor, who represented Luke’s mother and aunt at the inquest, discusses failings by the Walton prison service as well as staff members re adequate systems & policies to address prison bullying’.

Please go forward to 1:41:35 to listen to Cormac on BBC Hereford and Worcester radio.


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Just for Kids Law and Hodge Jones & Allen, London

2nd February 2016 - Law Gazette

My legal life: Aika Stephenson

A family member went to prison when I was 10. After that I became fascinated with the law.

I didn’t want to be a regular lawyer. I was a corporate paralegal but my real interest was in children’s issues. I applied to Fisher Meredith but failed the psychometric test. I think they were right because I wasn’t a run-of-the-mill law student.

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