Unlawful Evictions

Eviction can be a traumatic experience, in particular, if your landlord is acting unlawfully. Fortunately, there are laws to protect tenants if they have been subject to harassment or abuse from their landlord. We at Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors are recognised for representing tenants faced with an unlawful eviction, so we understand how to protect your rights and fight your corner.

Sometimes, landlords may fall foul of the criminal law. For example, anyone who ‘without lawful authority’ uses, or threatens to use, violence to gain entry to occupied premises is committing an offence.

Even if they have not done any of these things, it is generally illegal to evict someone from their home without giving proper notice and obtaining a Court order; subject to the type of Tenancy you have. Contact our lawyers now

Evictions without notice

If you are evicted without a court order, we can assist you with obtaining an injunction against your landlord to re-permit you access to the property. We can also assist with a claim against the landlord for the unlawful eviction and any loss of belongings.

Landlords must allow their tenants ‘quiet enjoyment’ of their property, and permit utilities like gas and electricity to be supplied. They are not allowed to evict you before the end of your tenancy, enter the house without your permission or unlawfully damage your property.

Our experienced housing lawyers can help protect you from unlawful eviction and, if your landlord has broken the law, we can assist you with a potential claim for compensation and assistance in re-gaining entry back to your home.

What is the process of getting legal assistance?

  • Contact us

Contact our free 24/7 number and a member of our team will assess your case. Once accessed they will be able to allocate to the most appropriate team member to assist.

  • Communication

Your representative solicitor will talk you through the matter and keep you update of the progress. They will also explain the different funding options available.

  • Conclusion

We will work very hard to get the best outcome for you. On completion of the matter we will contact you to ensure you are satisfied with the outcome.

Why Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors?

  • Expertise

Our experienced housing lawyers can help protect you from unlawful eviction and, if your landlord has broken the law, we can assist you with a claim for compensation.

  • Lawyers you can trust

Hodge Jones & Allen are recognised as one of the highest ranking law firms for social housing and tenant law in the UK. We are one of only four firms in the UK to be listed as a Tier 1 firm for this area of law in the Legal 500 guide. We are also recommended as a leading team in housing law by Chambers UK.

  • Fighting for your rights!

You will find our solicitors are passionately committed to defending the rights of those in need of housing. We will fight rigorously to get the best possible result we can achieve.

Case Studies

Our housing solicitors frequently secure positive outcomes for clients facing eviction. To read examples of how we have helped clients through matters involving evictions, please read our eviction case studies.


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