How can you fund your housing case?

There are many funding options open to you depending on the type of case and your financial circumstances. At Hodge Jones & Allen we understand that you don’t want to add funding worries to the problems you already have and so will ensure that we always clearly set out the options available to you as soon as we know the details of your case. We want to give you every assurance that we would never incur costs on your behalf without your full agreement and knowledge.

The various funding options are as set out below. Not all options will be open to everyone but your solicitor will be able to discuss these with you in more detail once they have made their initial assessment.

  • No Win No Fee (Conditional Fee Agreement)

This is an arrangement where we agree to undertake a case on your behalf and that we will not recover costs from you if the case is not ultimately successful. These arrangements may be appropriate where, if you win the case, costs would be payable by your opponent. This means that even if you win, you would not have to pay the costs as these could be recovered from the other side. Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs) are most commonly used for disrepair cases but may be available for other matters too. Various terms and conditions apply to CFAs but these can be discussed in further detail with your solicitor.

  • Public Funding (Legal Aid)

Legal aid is still available for many areas of housing law including possession claims, evictions, homelessness matters and some disrepair. Whether you are eligible for legal aid would depend on your financial circumstances (known as the “means test”) and the type and strength of case you have (known as the “merits test”). We can assist you in assessing whether you are eligible for legal aid and if you are, we can make the application and manage all matters related to funding on your behalf.

  • Privately Paying

If you are not entitled to legal aid and a CFA is not available to you, we can act for you on a privately paying basis. The fee earners in the housing team are all experienced at dealing with privately paying clients and can offer to work at a wide range of hourly rates depending on seniority. We ensure that we always keep our clients properly informed of the costs that have been and are likely to be incurred and would work with you to ensure you are not charged for unnecessary work. If you are ultimately successful in your case, these costs may be recoverable from the other side, depending on the type of case.

  • Fixed Fee

We understand that you may be unable to obtain legal aid or a CFA but that you may also be unable to commit to paying for our services at an hourly rate. To try and assist people in this situation we offer a bespoke fixed fee scheme where we would agree with you a specified amount for specific work to be done, prior to any steps being undertaken. This can often assist our clients in getting the necessary advice to manage their cases themselves or may lead to further work being carried out on an alternative funding basis. How much the fixed fee would be will be decided on a case by case basis and can be discussed with your solicitor.

Even if you think there is no available funding for your housing case, please do contact us in order to discuss possible options as often solutions can be found.

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