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New Solicitor joins Criminal Defence team

Experienced solicitor Kerry Spence is delighted to be joining Hodge Jones & Allen’s leading Crime team, this week. “Joining HJA is a great move for me as I welcome the challenge of representing people who find themselves in difficulties and need legal advice and guidance though all the processes from arrest, interview though to trial”.

Kerry is a specialist in the more serious and complex criminal cases and has dedicated the last 15 years to representing individuals.

Commenting on her appointment, Nigel Richardson, partner and head of Hodge Jones & Allen’s Criminal Defence Department said “Hodge Jones & Allen attracts solicitors with specialist skills and experience and Kerry brings both, along with in-depth knowledge of the system. Kerry is another important appointment for our team, as our client lists continue to grow”.

Kerry was previously employed by Mackesys and JB Wheatley Solicitors. Her past caseload includes both multi defendant and single defendant cases for clients facing rape, sexual offence, murder, drugs, fraud and robbery charges.