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Mike Schwarz, Partner, Protest and Civil Liberties team speaking at Fringe Event, Labour Connected

The title of the on-line fringe event is: Policing protests: is the balance right between the right to protest and the rule of law? Invited panellists will continue the debate around where the rights of protestors end and the rights of ordinary citizens to go about their daily lives, without interruption, begins.

Mike Schwarz will be joining Sir Mark Rowley QPM and Conor McQuinn, a Member of Parliament, and others, to discuss issues which will include how protests should be policed, whether new legislation is required and the responsibilities of political authorities to ensure people can continue to go about their daily lives.

The discussions will be chaired by Hugh Muir, Senior Assistant Editor, at the Guardian newspaper.

The full panel of speakers is as follows:

  • Hugh Muir (Chair)
  • Conor McGinn MP
  • Sir Mark Rowley QPM
  • Mike Schwarz, Hodge Jones & Allen
  • Fiona Hamilton

Mike is a leading expert in protest law and hugely experienced in defending individuals facing serious and complex offences. He works tirelessly to protect citizens’ rights.

The organiser of the Fringe Event is Policy Exchange – a leading UK think tank which is an educational charity dedicated to developing and promoting new policy ideas.