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Nerve Damage After Hip Surgery – Foot Drop

Hip replacement surgery is very common now and it must be remembered that the risks of any problems after surgery are very small.

Sadly Hodge Jones and Allen have acted in a number of cases where the patient has following surgery found that the nerves in their operated leg have been injured. This can lead to a condition known as ‘foot drop’. This is a very painful and serious condition which completely affects all aspects of daily living.

This type of injury is almost certainly due to an injury to the peroneal nerve. This is the nerve that controls lift the ankle and pointing the toes upwards.

Symptoms of peroneal nerve injury (foot drop)

  • Inability to point toes toward the body (what doctors call dorsi flexion)
  • Pain
  • Weakness
  • Numbness (on the shin or top of the foot)
  • Loss of function of foot
  • High-stepping walk

Unfortunately this type of injury is almost always permanently disabling. The patient can be provided with orthotics which may be custom-built into the patient’s shoe. Sometimes patients undergo a tendon transfer operation but this does not fully reverse the patient’s mobility restrictions. The condition can often be very painful with patients forced to rely upon very strong medication to keep the pain under control.

How can Hodge Jones Allen assist?

Foot drop always changes a person’s life forever. The ability to work and drive will almost always be significantly affected. The patient will almost certainly require help around the house and with all aspects of daily living. There may be a loss of independence and potentially a loss of employment.

Compensation will be awarded to reflect the severity of the injury and for the care provided to the patient by friends and family. Further damages will be awarded for inability to drive, go shopping, do DIY or cook and clean.

Expert legal advice

At Hodge Jones Allen Solicitors, we are experts in these types of cases. We have helped many people claim compensation for exactly this type of injury.
Our expertise and detailed experience will ensure that you receive the best possible legal advice and the best chance of winning your case.

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