Examples of mental capacity clients we have helped

Brain injured children with large damages awards

We act for many children who have suffered a brain injury due to a hospital error and have recovered large damages awards.

An independent professional deputy is needed while the child lives with their parents due to the conflict of interest that can arise between parent and child. The deputy will need to decide how much to pay the parents for the care they provide, and how much the child should contribute towards household and family expenses such as holidays.

We have experience of every aspect of this type of deputyship work including:

  • Purchasing and adapting properties.
  • Finding suitable rental properties and negotiating terms with the landlord.
  • Employing teams of support workers and dealing with employment disputes when they arise.
  • Investing funds and monitoring the performance of the investments.
  • Analysing the terms of the settlement and setting budgets.
  • Calculating the amounts that can be paid to parents for the care that they provide.

Adults with head injuries and compensation awards

We act for many vulnerable adults who live in the community. Often they have problems with impulsivity, poor memory and volatility. They may be very suggestible and vulnerable to exploitation. They may have problems with substance abuse. They often have little insight into their own disabilities.

This work requires a sympathetic approach as the clients often lead chaotic lives and experience crises which the deputy will assist with. This may include relationship break down, debts, problems with the Police, immigration issues and health problems.

These clients often experience problems with claiming benefits as their injuries are invisible to the authorities and they may be deemed fit to work. We assist with their benefits and also step in when there are safeguarding concerns.

Elderly clients with dementia

We are often instructed when an elderly person has lost capacity and is moving to a care home. Once appointed as deputy, we have to work out what assets the client has and ensure that the care home fees are paid and the client has some spending money. Usually there is a property to sell. We arrange for pensions and benefits to be paid to us. We collect in the money from various bank accounts and arrange for any capital to be invested.

We consult with the client and their family and friends as far as possible to ensure that they have the best quality of life.

We also consider Inheritance Tax planning and whether lifetime gifts can be made so as to reduce the tax bill when the client dies. This is only possible if there is capital which will not be needed during the client’s lifetime.

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