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Former teacher wins claim against previous employers over asbestos exposure

We were instructed by a living mesothelioma client who was exposed to asbestos during an isolated incident whilst employed as a teacher and lecturer. Our client was employed in a College environment for many years.

During the late 1980’s, workmen came into our client’s work area and the linked main corridor to remove asbestos containing ceiling tiles. The exposure to asbestos lasted for approximately one week in total. The workmen did not partition off the areas in which they worked and as such our client was exposed to asbestos fibres from the ceiling tile removal works. Our client recalls that she moved her students to the opposite side of her working area to minimise their exposure to the asbestos fibres that floated about. Neither the removal team, nor the defendant, advised our client to work in a different area or offered our client any form of protection to stop her inhaling the asbestos fibres.

Our client was able to provide a detailed recollection of her employment role and working conditions during her exposure period. Evidence from a former colleague of our client supported what our client recalled in relation to the ceiling tile works.

We issued Court proceedings in the specialist Asbestos List in the High Court in London. Through our dedication to secure the right result for our client, we were able to secure a six-figure settlement within three weeks of serving Court proceedings. Furthermore, we were successful in obtaining a future treatment order, meaning that if our client’s treating consultant recommends private medical treatment in the future, the defendants’ insurers will meet this cost in support of her well being.