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Successful asbestos settlement claim

We were instructed by a client who had been diagnosed with mesothelioma. He was a retired lift engineer and had worked for the same elevator company for many years.

Our client was heavily exposed to asbestos dust when handling, cutting, filing and drilling various asbestos materials and components needed to maintain, repair and install elevators in commercial buildings. His work included the use of and disturbance of electric cables wrapped with asbestos string, asbestos brake shoes, asbestos arc shields, asbestos panelling and asbestos lagging. Our client was not provided with any sufficient respiratory protection or training about the dangers of asbestos from his employers.

A formal letter of claim was sent to the relevant employer. Their employers’ liability insurers conceded the lift company had breached its legal duties towards our client. An interim payment of compensation was obtained for our client, pending the full conclusion of the case.

The necessary detailed medical and financial evidence in order to conclude the case was gathered together by us. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the mesothelioma condition and the reduced life expectancy it brings, our client died before final settlement negotiations could be concluded.

The case was continued by our client’s widow. Updated evidence was collated and negotiations entered into with the insurers. The case was settled successfully for a six figure sum.

Due to our ability to secure an admission of legal blame, our client knew his case would be successful and he had the benefit of some of his compensation via the interim payment we obtained for him. We concluded matters for a significant sum for his widow.