Examples of our work

Settlement for professional negligence negotiated for over £50,000 damages

The client instructed solicitors to extend a business lease. They failed to comply with the deadline for service of the counter-notice. As a result, the client entered into a lease which had no protection under the 1954 Act. Although we had to issue proceedings settlement was negotiated for the client for over £50,000 damages and his costs without the need for a trial.

Judge found that the ex-partner had no basis to stay in client’s property

The client was in a same sex relationship for a very long period. He allowed his partner to come and live with him in the property he had purchased and financially supported his partner throughout. The relationship broke down and the ex-partner would not move out. Proceedings were issued and we won at trial when the judge found that the ex-partner had no basis to stay in the property and he was eventually evicted.

Successfully proved partner had retained secret profit

We acted for a partner in a dispute over a secret profit. Our client had been the silent partner in a hotel business. He left the day to day running of the business to his partner. He that the other partner had retained a secret profit. We were able to prove, with the aid of several witness statements, that the other partner had indeed retained monies that he had not accounted to either the business, our client or even HMRC.

The case went to a full hearing in the High Court and our client was successful in proving his partner had retained a secret profit and was awarded his costs of the action.

Successfully negotiated for ex-partner to sign a transfer for the property

The client and his ex-partner purchased a property together. They paid the purchase price jointly and met the mortgage payments. However, very soon after the purchase the relationship broke down. The ex-partner left and stopped making any contributions. The client started a new relationship and wanted to sell and move with his new family. Proceedings were issued for a declaration that the ex-partner had no beneficial interest in the property. We managed to successfully negotiate for X to sign a transfer for the property to be in the client’s sole name in return for a payment of £10,000.

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