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Case Studies

Vulnerable adult instructed Hodge Jones & Allen, through the Official Solicitor, to make a claim for reasonable financial provision on her deceased’s fiancé’s estate.

Our client was in a long term committed relationship with the deceased who died unexpected shortly after the parties were engaged to wed.
The deceased had assumed responsibility for the client’s housing needs by providing rent free accommodation.

Unfortunately, the deceased did not make a will and died intestate. As the unmarried couple of the deceased, this mean that under the rules of intestacy, our client was not entitled to anything despite the length of their relationship. Instead his estate passed to his two surviving children (whom the deceased was estranged from) and our client was forced to move out of the family home. She was in a desperate situation, and the two surviving children were not prepared to make any concessions to her.

Chun Wong, Head of the Dispute Resolution department launched legal proceedings against the estate, under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975 on the basis of their relationship and the financial dependency our client had on the deceased. This claim was vigorously defended by deceased’s daughters and, to save our client from the stress of court proceedings, Chun suggested and brokered a mediation with the daughters.

In the end, our client’s claim was settled and she was awarded a substantial sum from the estate with which enabled her to secure alternative accommodation and more importantly a clean break from the parties so that she could make a fresh start without her partner.

We represented a client in a claim for professional negligence against his conveyancing solicitors.

Our client purchased a property with the right to extend the lease assigned to him. The freeholder served a counter notice and our client paid the requisite 10% deposit of the proposed premium. The next steps was then for the respective surveyors to enter into negotiations, and failing that for an application to be made to preserve the client’s position. This unfortunately was not done and the solicitors failed to keep our client informed of the progress of the matter despite repeated chasing by our client.

In the end he came to us to remedy the situation and seek redress. The original notice to extend the lease was now deemed withdrawn and so the process had to be started again by us. This resulted in extra costs for the client as well as an increased premium.

Once the lease was finally extended by our client we wrote a letter of claim to the conveyancing solicitors. Liability was admitted and a sum for compensation (over £10,000) was paid to the client, with relatively minimal costs by us and without the need to even issue proceedings.

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