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Asbestos Related Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer

Smoking is the most common cause of lung cancer. However, some people who develop the illness have never smoked and other factors may influence the onset of the illness. Exposure to asbestos dust and fibres can cause lung cancer (amongst other conditions) and the risks are greatly multiplied if you have smoked as well.

 If you have been exposed to asbestos and have developed lung cancer, you may be able to bring a claim against your employer or the company who caused your exposure to the dust.

Through many years of handling asbestos-related lung cancer claims, we understand the impact the illness can have on you and your family. In addition to compensating you any pain and suffering which the illness might cause you, a successful claim can help you to obtain the best medical care, cover any additional costs and replace any loss of income caused by the illness.

More about asbestos-related lung cancer

Many medical studies now show that smoking is thought to cause the vast majority of lung cancer cases. What often gets overlooked is that exposure to asbestos dust may have been a contributory factor – even though the link is well-established.

Studies have shown that in particular groups of workers exposed to significant amounts of asbestos dust, the risks of developing lung cancer were five times greater in non-smokers but fifty times greater among smokers, compared to non-smokers not exposed to asbestos.

Whilst the results of those studies are not universally applicable, they do demonstrate that you have a greatly increased risk of developing lung cancer if you have smoked. However, doctors are not yet able to say whether smoking or asbestos exposure is the major cause of lung cancer in such cases.

If you have developed any form of lung cancer and have been in contact with asbestos dust in the past, you should contact our expert lawyers for advice on whether you might be able to bring a compensation claim. We are skilled at investigating and assessing asbestos-related lung cancer cases and will be able to give you our honest and informed views on the merits of your case.


A claim for compensation for your asbestos related lung cancer may be brought against the person or organisation which negligently exposed you to asbestos.

There are time limits for bringing claims for compensation for asbestos related diseases and illnesses.

We will explain these to you and work swiftly to ensure that you receive compensation, at the earliest opportunity after your diagnosis.

We will notify your claim to your former employer and obtain an independent expert medical report.

We will recover compensation for your injury, pain, suffering and loss of amenity and for all related financial losses, including loss of earnings and pension, any care costs, medical treatment, travel expenses.

Legal Costs

Although you might be worried about legal costs, you should not let this put you off contacting us. You will not have to pay us for our work. If you succeed in your claim, we will be paid by your opponent or their insurers and you keep all of the compensation recovered. If your claim fails, it will not cost you anything

Claiming Benefits

We will advise you on your entitlement to claim state benefits because of your illness. You may not have claimed benefits before. As a sufferer of an asbestos-related illness you may be entitled to state benefits.

Benefits which can help to alleviate any financial pressure you may be experiencing or, assist you with paying for care, equipment or other services needed.

Isobel Lovett and her team will complete and submit the relevant application forms for you, to make sure that you receive your full entitlement.

Our Industrial Disease Solicitors are backed by four decades of experience with asbestos related lung cancer compensation cases. Our legal practice and team of Industrial Disease Solicitors have a strong track record of achieving the best possible results. For expert legal advice use our contact form or call us on 0808 250 6017 today.

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