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Industrial Disease

Industrial Disease Fighting the wrongs of Industrial Disease

Asbestos and Industrial Disease Compensation Claims Solicitors

HTV for HJA WebsiteEmployees should be protected at work – their employers have a responsibility to do so. When that responsibility falls short and is inadequate, that’s when industrial disease, illness and injury occurs.

At Hodge Jones & Allen we offer advice on all types of industrial diseases and illnesses, including mesothelioma, asbestos related lung cancer and dermatitis.

If you have been diagnosed with a lung disease you are very likely to already be under the care of a consultant and specialist nurse. To gain the right legal advice, please speak to our Industrial Disease & Illnesses team, led by Isobel Lovett.

We will help you to get answers and find out who is responsible. At a hugely difficult time, for you and your family, let us help you find a way forward and gain the compensation you deserve.

“We would like to say a big thank you for you and your team for the kindness, patience and professionalism extended to us over the last year. The amount of money awarded to for his Mesothelioma is life changing to say the least, and this is all due to you all at HJA. Thank you once again and our best wishes to you all.” Mrs T

Download our Industrial Disease leaflet.

Download our Mesothelioma guide.

Download our Asbestos Related Disease guide.

We are proud to be the first Gold Patron of the British Lung Foundation and active fundraisers for Mesothelioma UK and Guy’s Hospital Patient Support Group.

APIL accredited occupational and asbestos disease specialists Isobel Lovett and Andrew James also work with and support many other support groups, charities and cancer nurses across the UK, including Asbestos Victims Support Group Forum UK, MacMillan Cancer Support Trust and London Hazards Centre.

Our Industrial Disease Solicitors are backed by four decades of experience. Our legal practice and team of London Solicitors have a strong track record of achieving favourable client outcomes. For expert legal advice use our contact form or call us on 0808 250 6017 today.

  • What's the process?

    We believe that the legal services we offer provide value for money and we insist on complete transparency throughout the legal process of what our charges will be.

    This means that you are always in control of costs and fees, and you’ll experience no surprises. You can be certain that everyone we assist will have their case considered by a fully-qualified, experienced solicitor.

    The steps to take to get the advice you need.

    Should you require assistance or advice on a Industrial Disease claim, please:-

    1. Contact us by telephone on 0800 437 0322 to register your enquiry.
    2. An experienced Partner will consider your enquiry and allocate to someone suitable within our team, who will call you to discuss your enquiry.


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  • FAQs

    I have been exposed to asbestos, what should I do?

    If you believe that you have been exposed to asbestos fibres at work then you should consider taking the following actions:

    • Request a copy of your firms’ arrangements for dealing with asbestos
    • Check all staff know of the arrangements individual responsibilities
    • Report the exposure to your GP
    • If you are a member of a union, report the exposure to them.
    • Ensure you have reported the incident to your employer and take part in any investigation. Request a copy of the final report and record action taken
    • Request a copy of any HSE report or recommendation.

    What if the company I work for no longer exists?

    A claim can still be brought against a defunct company. They can be restored to Companies Register. This would be possible if the insurer for the company at the time of your exposure were known and able to meet the claim

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