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Professional Negligence Claims Against Barristers

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Barristers are bound by the rules of their profession to conduct a case with proper skill and care. You rely on barristers to represent you when your property, your rights, or your liberty is at stake. If a barrister has been negligent, we can help you secure compensation for any losses you have incurred.

If a barrister has been negligent, we can help you secure compensation for any losses you have incurred.

A barrister can be negligent in a number of different ways:

  • Providing a negligent opinion on a point of law
  • Negligent representation in court or mediation
  • Incorrectly drafting court documents
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Client Case study of professional negligence by a barrister

Client anticipated she would receive 50% of ex-husband pension but only received 33%

Our client instructed a barrister (through her family solicitors) to represent her at a hearing. Settlement was achieved at the hearing and an agreement signed to reflect this.

It was previously anticipated that the client would receive 50% of her ex-husband’s pension. However, the terms of the settlement stated that she would receive just 33%. After various negotiations, a settlement was agreed.

Outcome: The client received over £150,000 damages and over £60,000 costs.

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What happens when you contact us?

Contact our professional negligence team

Our team will explain the process to you, take down your details and look at how we may be able to assist


Once we have the details we need, we’ll be able to confirm whether we’re able to help you with your matter. If so, we’ll allocate you the specialist solicitor best suited to your case, who’ll be able to assist you.

Strategy & Resolution

Your lawyer will work with you to come up with a strategy tailored to your needs and the outcome you would like. We understand how importance peace of mind is, so we’ll be fully transparent with you and discuss the funding options available.

Our experienced Professional Negligence team have a strong record of success in claims against negligent barristers.

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