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Nancy Collins speaks to Times Radio about further legal action by Kristina O’Connor against the Metropolitan Police

Speaking on the Alexis Conran radio show on 6th February, Nancy Collins, Civil Liberties Solicitor spoke to listeners about Kristina’s experiences and the response by the Metropolitan Police. Her comments regarding the case and current culture follows:

This case reflects a culture of misogyny that has deep roots in the Metropolitan Police. We have seen numerous cases over recent weeks of shameful and unacceptable treatment of women by Met police officers. 

“The Met must now accept that this is a problem that has eroded public trust in the entire organisation. It is only because of the courageous actions of brave women like Kristina O’Connor that this appalling behaviour has come to light. 

“The Met must recognise that misogyny is now endemic and that it must take immediate and meaningful action to root it out. We support calls for a statutory public inquiry to address the discriminatory treatment of women and other vulnerable individuals by Metropolitan police officers”

Kristina’s legal team from Hodge Jones & Allen comprises civil liberties solicitors Nancy Collins and Gimhani Eriyagolla. We are working with Caoilfhionn Gallagher QC, Fiona Murphy and Harriet Johnson of Doughty Street Chambers. The case is also supported by the Good Law Project.

Kristina O’Connor brought a successful misconduct claim against a Metropolitan Police Officer and is now filing a Judicial Review.

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