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Industrial Disease

Pleural Thickening Compensation

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Industrial Disease: Pleural Thickening Compensation

Industrial Disease Specialist Solicitors

If you’ve been diagnosed with an industrial disease such as pleural thickening we understand what a difficult time this can be for you. We can help you understand the options you have in order to gain compensation from the employer who may be responsible.

Why choose Hodge Jones & Allen?

At Hodge Jones & Allen we have a strong track record of achieving the best results for those we represent. You may be eligible for a ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement, backed by insurance which ensures there is no financial risk to you.

  • We’ll give you honest, clear and straightforward advice.
  • If you need a home visit we will come and see you.
  • We help you to review your eligibility for industrial injuries benefits and help you obtain it.
  • We make no deductions from your compensation.
  • Our teams have been successfully pursuing claims for four decades.
  • We truly care and want to help.
  • Injustice is wrong and we’ll help you to fight back!

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Circumstances qualifying for a claim?

Pleural thickening, or diffuse pleural thickening (DPT), results from prolonged exposure to asbestos. Extensive scarring thickens the pleura (the thin membrane covering the lungs) and as the scar tissue grows, it can encase the lung and close off the space between the lungs and pleura. It can cause chest pain and result in a significant decline in breathing capabilities.

Making a claim

A claim for compensation for your asbestos related illness or injury may be brought against the person or organisation which negligently exposed you to asbestos. There are time limits for these claims after you have been diagnosed, so we will need to work quickly to ensure you get compensation. We will:

  • Explain the time limits and process to you
  • Work swiftly to ensure you receive compensation
  • Notify your claim to your former employer
  • Obtain an independent expert medical report
  • How we can help you

Our teams have been successfully pursuing claims for 38 years. We’re the London law firm that gets results. Our specialist skills, experience and efficient stream-lined procedures allows us to deal with your claim quickly and effectively.

We’ll take the worry out of fighting back by:

  • Arranging early rehabilitation and any treatment required
  • Provide an early calculation as to the value of your claim
  • Move forward promptly to help you gain the compensation you deserve

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