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Other Industrial Conditions

Other Respiratory Disease Claims

An occupational respiratory disease is a condition leading to the loss of full lung function which can produce disability which affects your physical performance.

The symptoms of occupational respiratory disease include breathing or lung problems which are work related. Occupations with the highest incidents of occupational asthma include Bakers, Flour Confectioners, Spray Painters, and workers in the welding trades.

Occupational Dermatitis Claims

Dermatitis is a skin condition commonly caused by coming into contact with an allergen or an irritating substance. If you suffer from eczema or dermatitis, you may experience severe dryness and itchiness that can lead to painful sores and skin infections.

Dependent on the industry you’re working in you may be at greater risk of developing occupational dermatitis, eczema or other skin conditions. Your employer has a duty to minimise this risk as far as possible, but if you have suffered any of these conditions as a result of your work, contact Isobel Lovett and her team as they may be able to help you claim compensation.

You have a right to be protected from the risk of injury and illness, whilst at work. Health and safety regulations mean that your employers must provide protective equipment for you such as gloves, masks, overalls and boots

If your working environment means that you come into contact with substances such as diesel, oils, petrol, greases and other chemicals your employer should take the necessary steps to make sure to protect you from the development of dermatitis, eczema or any other skin conditions.

If you have developed a skin disease as a result of doing your job then Hodge Jones & Allen can help you to claim your compensation which will include an amount of money in recognition of your pain and suffering. In addition, the compensation will also cover any lost income you have incurred through time off work. It may also pay for specialist, private treatment where needed and other expenses, including travel to hospital appointments.

Vibration White Finger Claims

Vibration white finger (VWF), or hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) as it is sometimes known, is one of the most common industrial injuries.

The condition occurs following the continuous use of machinery that vibrates.

  • Vibration white finger affects the blood vessels, nerves and joints of the hand and wrist.
  • The damage can lead to tingling or fingers that feel numb.
  • The fingers can also change colour – from normal to an intense red colour.

Regardless of the size of the vibrating tool all can cause severe harm to those who use them over extended periods of time. Long term treatment and care is sometimes needed as sufferers usually experience not only pain but, a significant loss of dexterity.

The loss of dexterity can be the most worrying and frustrating outcome of vibration white finger. The strength of grip and ability to handle small objects can be affected by the tingling and numbness which can lead to accidents. The tingling and numbness can last for many hours.

This condition is avoidable. If employers use machinery that follows in industrial and safety regulations then their employees will work in safe surroundings and the right protective equipment. Sadly, many employers do not follow guidelines that are clear and designed to protect us all.

We know that how frightening this condition can be when you find that you are not able to control your movements and you’re losing the ability to perform simple tasks. If you are worried about loss of dexterity in your hands and fingers call and request your ask for Isobel Lovett and her team.

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