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Staying Safe at Christmas

Christmas, which is fast approaching, is a time of celebration and fun. Unfortunately, there is an increase in accidents and injuries, during the festive period. Each year, at Christmas time, more than 80,000 people need treatment at hospital for accidents and injuries such as falls, cuts and burns. Many accidents which occur during this period are preventable and are not caused by the injured party.

Examples of accidents which occur at Christmas time:

  • Road traffic accidents, which are caused by vehicles driven by individuals under the influence of alcohol, other drugs or driving whilst they are very tired.
  • Occupiers liability cases, which could involve falls from tables and chairs whilst putting up Christmas decorations or even dancing at Christmas parties.
  • Food poisoning, caused by turkey which has not been cooked properly or Christmas food which has come into contact with harmful bacteria.
  • Trips and slips, which increase as the weather deteriorates and the days get shorter. Pathways become dangerous due to this and the possibility of falling increases.
  • Product liability cases, which can result for example, from faulty Christmas lights and faulty children’s toys which are not safe to play with.

We should all be able to enjoy this time of year and feel safe.

Tips to keep you safe during the festive period:

  • Do not drink and drive and also plan for long journeys so you do not get tired.
  • Be careful when putting up Christmas decorations. Use a stable step ladder and do not climb onto furniture. Also, beware of trailing cables and wires.
  • Make sure all food is properly cooked and prepared correctly in a hygienic environment.
  • Be careful and observant when out and about in bad weather and when walking on pathways after dark, which are not well lit.
  • Make sure all Christmas decorations and children’s toys are purchased from reputable sources and comply with the correct safety standards.

By Emily Welstead, Personal Injury Team.