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Court Of Appeal Hearing Concludes For Just Stop Oil Protesters

An appeal against prison sentences for Marcus Decker and Morgan Trowland, the Just Stop Oil protestors who scaled the Dartford crossing bridge, has concluded today in the Court of Appeal.

The court said there will be no decision today, they understand the urgency but cannot guarantee a decision before 31 July.

Laura O’Brien from Hodge Jones and Allen representing Mr Decker said:

“Today we argued before the Court of Appeal that the sentencing of peaceful protestors should confirm with standards set by the European Court of Human Rights. For a long time the UK has been a leader in human rights. Our long history of protest has shaped our democracy and the right to protest is an essential part of its survival. Sentencing peaceful protesters to prison should be approached with caution as we do not want to see the UK falling below these standards.”

“As the world watches with horror the fires ripping their way through Europe, we remember that Marcus Decker acted to bring attention to an issue relevant to us all, the future of our planet. We can’t afford for history to prove Mr Decker right.”

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