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Reaction from Hodge Jones & Allen to Grenfell Inquiry Terms of Reference

Jayesh Kunwardia, social housing partner says:

“I expect that our clients will be disappointed at the narrow focus the inquiry will now take. The Terms of Reference fall some way short of covering all of the relevant circumstances we had asked for in our consultation response. It’s particularly disappointing that the broader social questions raised by the fire and the adequacy of present housing standards will not form part of the inquiry.”

Jocelyn Cockburn, joint head of the civil liberties team says:

“It is seriously in doubt that these Terms of Reference will satisfy the Government’s legal obligations to investigate the full circumstances surrounding the Grenfell fire. The Chair should not be ruling out issues, at this early stage, which may prove to be relevant to the causes of the disaster, and this is only likely to further undermine the confidence of those affected, in the inquiry”.