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Personal Injury Settlement For Car Passenger Injured On Motorway

Our client was a passenger in the back seat of a car. She was sitting behind her daughter who was driving.

Four young boys were driving in a car at a high speed when they lost control, hit a barrier and then stopped dead in the middle of the motorway. They fled the vehicle and left it stranded across the motorway without any of its lights illuminated or any other form of warning for approaching motorists.

Our client’s daughter therefore did not see the abandoned vehicle when she changed lanes and as a result a collision occurred.

Our client remembers their vehicle spinning and then when it stopped, they got out of the car as soon as they could. Our client felt pain in her arm immediately. Another party called for an ambulance and the police.

Our client was taken to the hospital suffering with a serious break to her arm. She continues to suffer from pain, sensitivity, numbness, restriction of movement and weakness across her right dominant arm. In addition she has been diagnosed as suffering a mixed anxiety and depressive disorder.

Commenting on the case, Louise Jukes, Partner, in Hodge Jones & Allen’s Personal Injury Team said “This was a terrifying situation my client and the accident has left her with ongoing pain and disability. The reckless driving by the young boys created a highly dangerous situation causing avoidable trauma for a number of drivers and their passengers that day. I am pleased we have been able to gain the rightful compensation for our client who suffered injury and her life was unexpectedly turned upside down that day”

Damages awarded: £110,595.

Louise Jukes is a specialist personal injury solicitor with many years’ experience of dealing with road traffic accidents where drivers, passengers, pedestrians are injured and they require care, rehabilitation and are entitled to financial compensation.

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