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Successful Outcome for Client Unlawfully Evicted by Landlord

Bahareh Amani, Senior Associate, in the Housing Team recently settled an unlawful eviction case. The eviction took place in December 2021 with the landlord and agent of the property disputing the unlawful eviction and alleging the client voluntarily returned the property back. Bahareh’s client was forced out of the property and sought accommodation in a hotel.

The client consulted our services in January 2022 and Bahareh acted quickly and issued a Letter of Claim to the agent and landlord and following discussions with both, an offer to settle was made. In early February, a settlement of £10,000 compensation was reached. All legal proceedings were dealt with by Bahareh in three weeks allowing her client to secure his own alternative accommodation without the need to issue any proceedings in the court.

Speaking about the settlement, Bahareh said “I’m delighted we didn’t need to issue proceedings and the matter was settled for my client so quickly. No-one should have to face an unlawful eviction from their home. Now my client can attempt to get his life back on track.”

Bahareh is a housing solicitor at Hodge Jones & Allen. She is an experienced litigator across a broad range of housing and property law disputes.