Examples of wills & probate services we can help with

Administering Estates

We specialise in acting for executors and we provide a seamless service to ensure that all proper steps are taken and that you comply with your duties and obligations in this onerous role. We prepare the statement of truth that needs to be signed by the applicant(s) and the account that needs to be filed with HMRC and ensure that you claim all relevant inheritance tax exemptions and allowances. If there are any assets held abroad, we work with other professionals to co-ordinate everything. After probate has been granted, we collect in the assets, pay any debts and then distribute the balance to the people or charities named in the will.

Deeds of Variation

Sometimes, the people who would otherwise benefit under a will (or an intestacy i.e. where there isn’t a valid will) want to give all or part of their inheritance to someone else. This may be so that they can make tax efficient gifts to the next generation or to charity. We draft the deed of variation (also known as a deed of family arrangement) to record the new arrangement and to make sure it is done in a tax effective way and is completed within the relevant time limits.

Drafting wills and advising on inheritance tax

We prepare wills for people to ensure that whether they have a mansion or a flat, a real Van Gogh or a poster, multi millions or hard earned savings, it goes to the people they choose in the most tax efficient way. Nowadays, our lives are more complicated – we have children from previous relationships, we have assets abroad, we have interests in different businesses, many people choose not to marry or are separated but not divorced. All of this takes careful planning and we are the experts to help you do that.

Advising on Trusts

We advise on various types of lifetime trusts, including disabled persons trusts. We can advise you on the tax considerations and consequences, to make sure that existing trusts and new trusts are working in the most tax efficient way and are achieving what was intended.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

We advise on and prepare LPA’s for both property and financial affairs and health and welfare and related issues such as Advance Directives.

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