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The specialist and professional Medical Negligence team at Hodge Jones & Allen deal with a wide range of complex claims. Often these claims are of a catastrophic nature and require in-depth specialist knowledge to secure the best possible outcome. We understand the impact of your trauma, working tirelessly and sympathetically to get you the settlement you deserve and provide the professional support that you need.

Here are some examples of the kind of cases where our team has successfully recovered damages:

Brain damage/neurological:

Including major neurological cases such as birth injury, meningitis, strokes, paediatric care, anaesthetics, intensive care, failure to control diabetes, misprescription of medication and inappropriate treatment of head injuries.


Delay in diagnosis of brain tumours, breast, cervical, bone, pancreatic, liver, gall bladder cancer and melanomas, inappropriate treatment of tumours. Cervical Cancer screening.


Failure to diagnose myocardial infarction, complications following angioplasty, bypass surgery, pacemaker complications.


Cosmetic fillers and implants, breast, nose, eyebrow, face lifts, liposuction and Botox.

GP negligence:

Misdiagnosis, misprescripton, failed contraception, failure to refer and treat.

Gynaecology / obstetric:

Including stillbirths, poor maternal care, post delivery tears and suturing, ectopic pregnancy, fertility issues.

Human rights and vulnerable clients:

Including care of the elderly, consent, right to treatment and life and medical treatment in prisons.


Including MRSA, Pseudomonas and sepsis following surgery, infection control, necrotising fascitis.


Including preparation and representation at hearings.


Cataract surgery, failure of optometrists to properly examine and refer, administration of contra-indicated medication, delay in diagnosis of retinal detachment.


Delay in diagnosis of fractures and failure to treat.


Extravasation injury, circumcision, delay in diagnosis of cystic fibrosis, deafness, congenital hip deformity, cleft palate, infections.


Misprescription of medication, failure to risk assess, failure to observe high risk patients, assault by patients and consent/right to treatment.


Failure to diagnose and perform emergency surgery, amputations, retained instruments/swabs, bowel perforation, keyhole surgery leading to major organ damage.

Wrongful birth:

Failure to diagnose congenital abnormalities during the antenatal period.

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