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Employers must treat men and women equally in the terms and conditions of their employment. The Act also stipulates that women have the right to the same pay as men, where they are doing:

  • ‘like work’ – this means work that is the same or broadly similar;
  • ‘work rated as equivalent’ – this refers to work rated as equivalent under a job evaluation scheme; and
  • ‘work of equal value’ – this covers work which is different but of an equal value in terms of effort, responsibility, decision making and the skill involved.

Despite this, there is still a disparity in the pay between men and women in many industry sectors.

Our solicitors can help you to show your employer why you are not being paid equally to your comparator and negotiate an increase to you pay, in doing so, trying to change the culture within your organisation. If necessary we can represent you in a claim against your employer seeking compensation and a recommendation from an Employment Tribunal. Speak to our solicitors confidentially.

Our employment specialists can assist you with the following:

  • Assisting you in drafting a grievance to your employer, setting out your complaint of pay disparity
  • Serving an Equal Pay Questionnaire on your employer
  • Representing you during an equal pay claim

How can I get legal representation?

  • Speak to our team

If you are concerned that you are not being paid fairly due to your gender then contact us immediately.

  • Representation

You will be allocated to the most appropriate member of our team and will be provided with a cost estimate so that you know how much our fees are likely to be.

  • Funding options

We can offer fixed fee meetings to discuss your current circumstances. In open-ended situations we offer competitive hourly rates. We will ensure that you are provided with clear information on costs throughout.

Why are our lawyers specialists?

Our solicitors have decades of experience advising and representing employees whom their employer is not complying with the Equal Pay Act. If you are concerned about gender discrimination in your pay, contact our lawyers today.

  • Compassionate lawyers

We understand that it can be a complex and sensitive issue. Therefore, appreciate you may be worried about your relationship with your employer and may have concerns about raising such matters. Our lawyers will work very hard to make the process of the claim as easy as possible.

  • Experts in the field

Equal pay claims are on the rise and attract considerable media attention, which might leave you more aware of your rights and more confident in seeking to enforce them. Our solicitors are highly regarded as experts. We have a breadth of experience in dealing with pay and bonus disputes and will keep you up to date with the outcome of your claim.

  • Fighting for what’s right

Our solicitors empower employees to make claims against employers who are not complying with the law. They will support and guide you through the process, putting you at the heart of the claim.

Case Study: Settlement achievement for client after receiving lower bonus

We acted for a client who worked for a merchant bank, she discovered she had been receiving lower bonuses compared to her male colleagues. We drafted a grievance on her behalf, served her employer with an Equal pay Questionnaire, following lengthy negotiations with her employer, we achieved a very favourable settlement on behalf of our client.

Frequently asked questions

Are there time limits for bringing an equal pay claim?

Yes time limits for such claims exist and are very strict. You can bring an equal pay claim in the civil courts or in the Employment Tribunal. The time limits differ depending on where your claim is issued.

Also, unlike in other claims, an Employment Tribunal does not have discretion to extend time if your claim is filed late.

You should seek early advice, so that a lawyer can help you to determine which jurisdiction is best for you.

Does equal pay relate only to wages?

No, it also relates to contractual terms such as bonuses and benefits etc.

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