Employment Discrimination

No one should have to face discrimination at work. There is legislation to guard against it. If you are being treated differently due to one of the following reasons (known as ‘protected characteristics’) we can help you stand up for your rights:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender reassignment
  • Marriage and civil partnership
  • Pregnancy and maternity
  • Race
  • Religion or beliefs
  • Sex
  • Sexual orientation

Our sympathetic lawyers will fight your corner and we can mediate and negotiate on your behalf to reach the best possible outcome. If the case proceeds to litigation, we can skilfully guide you through any hearings or tribunals. While we have a strong record in winning maximum compensation on discrimination claims, we know that for many of our clients, ending unfair practices in the workplace and holding employers to account is just as important. Contact our lawyers now.

I have a discrimination claim, what should I do?

  • Contact our solicitors

Contact our solicitors for a free initial assessment to tell us about what happened. After assessing your case, we will allocate you to the most appropriate lawyer.

  • Give you a clear outcome

Our solicitor will be able to consider your evidence, discuss next steps and advise you on the likely outcome of any claim you might have against your employer.

  • Give you clear funding options

We will also ensure that you are provided with clear information on costs. You may have the benefit of alternative funding through your legal expenses insurance provider or trade union. If you don’t, we’ll be able to provide clear and upfront cost estimates with you to ensure that you remain in control of your costs at every stage.

What outcome can I expect?

We can help you to reach a settlement agreement with your employer which will provide you with compensation, in exchange for you agreeing not to bring/pursue your legal claim. We have a proven track record of securing significant compensation in discrimination claims.

We know that for many of our clients, however, it is just as important to end unfair practices and to hold employers to account as it is to receive compensation. That’s why we also assist in bringing claims to the Tribunal and help you to present the best possible case. If you succeed at Tribunal, you could receive compensation for any financial loss you have suffered, as well as for any injury to feelings; a recommendation about how the employer should act in the future; and a declaration stating what both parties’ rights are.

At Hodge Jones & Allen, we are proud of our reputation for tenaciously upholding the rights of individuals in the face of even the largest, most powerful institutions. We also act for charities and organisations representing disadvantaged groups. Whatever the size or nature of the case, we bring the same personal, professional approach. Contact our solicitors.

Why are our team specialists?

  • Lawyers who listen

We understand that being discriminated against at work is extremely stressful for clients. That’s why we listen to what’s happened, help you to understand your rights and advise you on the next steps. This may include helping you to raise a formal complaint (known as a grievance) against your employer; trying to mediate a solution; or guiding you through bringing a claim against your employer in the Employment Tribunal.

  • Lawyer who are experts

We have achieved many successful awards and settlements in discrimination matters and pride ourselves on achieving positive outcomes in even the most challenging cases.

  • Lawyers who are independently recognised

We are independently recognised as leaders in our field who will provide you with specialist advice and representation – you can rely on us to fight your corner and ensure that you are in the best possible position to achieve the outcome that you want.

Case Study: Our lawyers successfully negotiated compensation package for director who brought disability claim

We acted for a Director who brought a disability claim against his employer after they withdrew adjustments which had been put in place to help overcome the impact of his disability. The client attempted to get these reinstated and failed. Following our involvement, we negotiated a significant compensation package and ensured that the adjustments were reinstated.

Case Study: Compensation achieved for client who was subjected to racism by his colleagues

Our client was a teacher, of African origin. He was subjected to racism. This included a banana skin being thrown at him by his colleague. Our client complained about the incident, but his employer failed to deal with his grievance properly. We pursued a claim for race discrimination and succeeded in securing significant compensation for our client.

Frequently asked questions

Does the discrimination have to have taken place during a person’s period of employment?

The simple answer is no. Discrimination can occur if someone is treated differently:

  • When responding to a job advert
  • Being interviewed
  • At any other time during the recruitment process
  • At the point of dismissal
  • After dismissal.

Who is liable for the discrimination?

Your employer will be liable for discrimination if they have discriminated against you. However, they are also liable for discrimination on the part of their employees, such as a manager. If an individual has discriminated against you, you may also have a claim against that person for damages, as well as your employer.

What about discrimination outside of the workplace?

An incident of discrimination does not necessarily have to occur in the workplace. Your employer may still be liable for incidents that take place at work-related events, such as team building days or the work Christmas party.

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