Advising Businesses on Redundancy

Making staff redundant can be a risky, disruptive and a challenging time for any business. We understand that it is a difficult decision to make staff redundant and that the process should be dealt with delicately.

In addition to demonstrating a genuine redundancy situation, employers are legally required to follow a reasonable and fair procedure when it comes to terminating employment on the grounds of redundancy. If certain procedures are not followed then this could lead to costly unfair dismissal or contractual claims. Request a call back during office hours.

What do you need to do to get advice?

  • Contact Us

As soon as you realise that a particular role is no longer needed then contact us and we will guide your business through the process to ensure that your business is protected from any legal claims related to the redundancy process. You will want to complete the redundancy process as effectively as possible. We quickly get to grips with your commercial objectives and advise on how best to achieve them with the minimum risk of litigation. Our expertise frees up more of your time to run your firm.

  • Representation

Once we understand your situation. Our lawyers can advise you of collective redundancies, and those arising through business transfers. We can also advise on and negotiate settlement agreements to finalise severance deals. Moreover, we can help you on the risks of any such claims including those of constructive dismissal and unfair dismissal.

  • Keep you informed

We will keep you updated and informed throughout and at a conclusion, ensure that you are satisfied with the service and outcome.

What outcomes can you expect?

You will be guided through the redundancy process to ensure that the actions of your business have been legally compliant and in doing so you have avoided a costly legal dispute. This will ensure that you can focus on running your business.

We can also assist with negotiating with employees and draft settlement agreements to resolve any disputes.

Why should you get advice from our professionals?

  • Compassionate lawyers

At Hodge Jones & Allen we understand that businesses need to adapt to succeed and this will sometimes involve restructuring or reducing your workforce. Our expert lawyers have worked with many different industry sectors, helping both large and small companies to steer a path through difficult redundancy processes.

  • Minimise risk of legal actions in the future

We will work with you and your business from an early stage to minimise the risk of any legal action against you in respect of any redundancies. The redundancy process and/or an Employment Tribunal claim can be lengthy and time consuming for you and your colleagues. It can also be costly. We will ensure that you are able to focus on running your business or performing your role, while still in control of every stage of the process.

  • Leaders in the field

We are independently recognised as leaders in our field who will provide you with specialist advice and representation. If a claim is made against your business we will ensure that it is robustly defended in a professional and skilled manner.

Case Study: A business we helped with a redundancy situation

We carefully and successfully steered a small business through the redundancy of a group of employees. This helped in achieving the commercial aims of the business in a sensitive way, by scaling back a team after they lost a key client.

Frequently asked questions

When can I make redundancies?

Employees can only be dismissed by way of redundancy if there is a genuine redundancy situation such as if you are no longer carrying out work of a particular kind.

Is there a process that I need to follow before making any redundancies?

Yes, employers are legally required to follow a fair procedure such as having a fair selection process. If you are planning on making more than 20 employees redundant at one workplace within a 90 day period then there are specific requirements that you must follow.

How much will I need to pay my employees for redundancy pay?

If you do not have an enhanced redundancy scheme then you will need to pay a minimum statutory redundancy pay which is calculated using length of service, age and weekly pay of your employees

When is a redundancy considered unfair dismissal?

Redundancy is a potentially fair reason for dismissal which employers can rely on when defending Unfair Dismissal claims.

However, an employee may succeed in an Unfair Dismissal claim where an employer has not followed a fair redundancy procedure or where there is no genuine redundancy. The consequences of this for a business should not be underestimated as a successful Unfair Dismissal claim can have a significant financial impact.

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