Employment Law Training from Specialists

Employment disputes can often be costly, challenging and divisive for a business, particularly a small business. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to ensure that your front line managers and HR staff understand the businesses’ legal obligations towards its employees.

We can provide practical training that can make a real difference to relationships and people management, as well as to how to manage absence, physical and mental health, performance and disciplinaries effectively.

Preventing a dispute is significantly more preferable to having to defend one.

In relation to discrimination issues and claims in particularly, a business will be vicariously liable for the discriminatory acts of its employees, unless it has taken reasonable steps to prevent discrimination. Whilst not a panacea, ensuring staff have regular diversity/equal opportunities training is an important step. Request a call back during office hours.

Typically the training we provide deals with:

  • Diversity/equal opportunities
  • Managing grievances
  • Managing performance and disciplinaries
  • Managing sickness absence (particularly malingerers)
  • Managing difficult employees
  • GDPR in relation to employee data

However, we can prepare bespoke training on any aspect of people management

Our approach to employment law training

  • Identify the need for training

If you see a trend in employee disputes and see value in some training from your people managers, we offer flexible fixed-fee options for tailored training packages. Contact our team,

  • Discuss your requirements

Get in touch and we will have an initial consultation at no cost to you, during which you can explain the challenges that you face and what you would like to achieve.

  • Tailored training

Our solicitors will create a training package tailored to your needs and delivered in a way to suit your business.

What outcomes can you expect?

Spending some time and money on tailored employment law training is a valuable investment. It will help you to minimise disputes, improve your retention rates, make people management more effective and improve your workplace for your staff.

Why should you choose our lawyers to help with training?

  • Specialism

We are a team of specialist employment lawyers who specialise in employment disputes and how to effectively manage and avoid them. We understand that each business is different, with different commercial considerations, organisational approaches and cultures.

  • Tailored content

We don’t take a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Legal compliance is, of course, important, but we take the time to understand the needs of your business and ensure that you have the most effective way of managing your staff and their challenges

  • Understand your needs.

Our employment lawyers can meet your HR team and people managers in order to understand the specific challenges that they face. We can then tailor a practical training package to their needs so that it provides real value. We appreciate that at times employment law obligations may seem uncommercial so we will help you ensure compliance whilst also supporting the smooth running of the business.

Case Study: Diversity training for 250 employees

We provided a business of 250 staff with diversity training, explaining the obligations around discrimination and harassment, as well as the rising impact of mental health. This enabled them to change their policies and practices to not only comply with their legal obligations and reduce their risk, but also to become a more ethical employer to their staff.

Case Study: Training on how to handle grievances

We have provided training to managers in a financial business on early and effective handling of grievances.

Case Study: Dealing with ‘banter’ on their building sites

We have delivered and afternoon training course for managers in a construction company on dealing with ‘banter’ on their building sites.

Frequently asked questions

Do you provide regular training updates as the law changes?

We can tailor our support for your business to most effectively suit you. This might be through one-off sessions on specific challenges that your business faces, or through regular training sessions reacting to changes and updates in the law.

Is employment law training mandatory?

Generally speaking, save for health and safety training, training is not mandatory, but it is recommended, not only to better manage staff and their issues, but because it may also help the business avoid civil or even criminal liability (for example in relation to data protection and discrimination where the employer is vicariously liable for the discriminatory acts of its employees, unless it has taken reasonable steps to prevent it.

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