Changing Terms & Conditions of Employment

Due to changes in your business, you may want or need to vary the contractual terms of your employees. This might be because of changes to employee benefits, to bring employment contracts in line with employment law requirements or to harmonise employment terms following the acquisition of another business.

You should proceed with caution when considering such changes, in the knowledge that any unilateral changes are likely to be unlawful and unenforceable. Request a call back during office hours.

We help a wide range of industry sectors to change terms and conditions relating to key aspects of employment:

  • Salary
  • Bonus
  • Commission
  • Garden leave
  • Pension entitlement
  • Health insurance
  • Intellectual property
  • Restrictive covenants

How can I get legal assistance?

  • Speak to our team

Contact us as soon as it becomes apparent that you may need to vary your employees’ terms and conditions of employment.

  • Representation

You will be allocated the most appropriate lawyer for the needs of your business who can assist you with current issues and help to minimise the risk of futures ones arising.

  • Outcome

We will keep you updated and informed throughout and at conclusion, ensure that you are satisfied with the service and outcome. We can take care of your legal concerns to allow you to focus on the success of your business.

Why choose our Employment Law professionals?

We understand that as your business evolves, so might the needs of your employees and your recruitment strategy. Changes to the law may also trigger the need to change terms and conditions. Any changes to terms and conditions should be carried out lawfully and with the agreement of your employees following a period of consultation.

  • Advice you can trust

Failure to consult employees about changes could result in your company being sued for breach of contract or receiving resignations, prompting constructive unfair dismissal claims. This could leave your business exposed to the risk that your employees leave without you being able to protect against any restrictive covenants that you had in place. Our employment solicitors advise employers on how to implement these changes successfully.

  • Guidance & support guaranteed

We can assist you with making changes to contracts of employment and guide you through the consultation process with employees. We provide all the support you need, from drafting letters of variation and new terms through to advice on negotiating and implementing the terms so you comply with your legal obligations.

  • Helping a wide range of industries.

Incentivising employees is key to bringing about change and we know that incentives can take many forms. We help a wide range of industry sectors to change terms and conditions relating to key aspects of employment.

What outcomes can I expect?

If one of your employees brings a claim as a result of you changing or varying their employment contract then we can defend your business at an Employment Tribunal.

Case Study: Guided business through the process of changes to its sales team

Following a reorganisation of its business and changes to its sales team, our client wanted to vary its bonus scheme in order to harmonise it throughout the business. We guided the business through the process of consulting with employees and drafted new terms and conditions.

Frequently asked questions

Can I change my employees’ contract of employment?

It may be possible to vary the terms of your employees’ employment contracts, however this should be done very carefully and, where necessary, after consultation with any affected employees.

The starting point is to look at the existing contract and check whether it permits the variations you are proposing.

Are there any consequences for my business if I change the terms of my employees’ employment contracts?

Potentially, yes. If you do not implement any changes reasonably and do so without agreement and consultation, then your business may be at risk of legal claims for breach of contract or constructive unfair dismissal.

You may also be unable to enforce any restrictive covenants in your departing employees’ contracts and may risk reputation damage.

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