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If you’re experiencing difficulties at work, have been subjected to a disciplinary or discrimination, wish to raise a grievance, need advice concerning your employment rights or advice on your settlement agreement, our team is on hand to advise you.

We also assist employees seeking representation in the Employment Tribunal. Hodge Jones & Allen has the expertise and track record to achieve a successful outcome.

We’re employment law specialists acting for individuals at all stages of their career and for all levels of seniority. We often achieve high value settlements.

Employment law specialists

Our team handles all types of employment law issues and assist all employees, at all levels of seniority.

We are particularly proud of our successful track record helping senior women and ethnic minorities take action against discrimination at the highest levels of management, in both private businesses and educational institutions.

We can provide joined up advice for individuals facing both criminal and disciplinary investigation: our employment team works closely with our highly ranked criminal defence team to successfully guide individuals who are facing allegations of gross misconduct based on criminal or regulatory wrongdoing.

"The team is passionate and professional in acting for their employee clients." Legal 500, 2021

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Fixed fee employment advice

Advice from an employment law specialist will provide the clarity on your situation. Our leading employment lawyers offer an initial consultation for a fixed fee.

  • A one hour confidential discussion with an experienced employment solicitor
  • Initial clear, expert assessment of your specific situation
  • Ensuring you understand your options and the next steps you can take

£399 (VAT included)

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How can I get legal help?

Speak to us

Our specialist employment lawyers are recognised by their peers as leaders in their field. We’ve achieved many successful outcomes in every kind of employment dispute, and pride ourselves in achieving positive outcomes in even the most challenging cases. Our specialists explain the complexities of the law in clear terms, giving employee’s advice on negotiating severance packages, dealing with disciplinary procedures and lodging employment tribunal claims.

We’re based in London but act for individuals all over the country.

Funding options

Most of the work we do is on a privately paid basis. However, you may have the benefit of alternative funding through your legal expenses insurance provider or trade union. We’ll explore alternative funding arrangements with you at the outset. We’ll provide you with clear and upfront cost estimates, to help ensure that you remain in control of your costs at every stage.


Our specialist lawyers will evaluate your case, discuss your options with you, and advise you of the most effective strategy to adopt to secure the best outcome. We aim to achieve a positive resolution quickly, so as to minimise the cost, time and stress to you.

"Thank you for resolving so quickly and for keeping me informed of any updates."

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Why choose Hodge Jones & Allen?

Our lawyers will work by your side to understand what your requirements are and what you want to achieve. This could be:

  • Negotiating favourable terms and an enhanced financial package in a settlement agreement.
  • Avoiding a dismissal by challenging allegations of misconduct or under performance
  • Assisting you in drafting a grievance
  • Issuing a legal claim on your behalf
  • Representing you in Employment Tribunal proceedings

We’re skilled at handling complex matters. The team has a proven track record of successfully running high value complex discrimination claims in the Employment Tribunal.

Most recently, we represented our client’s interests in a highly sensitive case where the employee wanted to remain in employment, which can often be difficult to achieve once lawyers become involved, demonstrating our sensitive yet robust defence of our clients’ interests.

Equally, we successfully defended a client accused of breaching confidentiality and post termination restrictions when they left to join a competitor who faced extreme pressure from their former employer.


Our specialist employment lawyers are recognised as leaders in their field. We regularly represent individuals who are accused of misconduct or are being performance managed. We guide them through the process, offering both technical and practical advice.


Our costs are highly competitive and transparent. If your employer is asking you to enter severance terms, we can usually negotiate that they pay all or most of your fees.

Clear advice

We understand that it can be difficult and stressful to challenge or enforce your employment rights, especially when it’s against your existing employer.

Our focus is to ensure that you’re advised clearly and properly at the outset, to enable you to feel in control and supported to make the right decision at every stage of the process.

"The law firm has been very good from start to the end. I had no knowledge on what I could claim for and how. They made the whole process as painful and stress free as possible."

“HJA expertly assisted with my redundancy process. I was very satisfied with the information provided. Indeed I was so impressed I would like to know if HJA can also provide independent financial advice for my Pension.”

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Featured cases

Successfully challenging discrimination for maternity-leave returners

We acted for a female executive threatened with dismissal for failing to meet unfair targets being set following her return from maternity leave and being unfairly threatened with performance management. We defended the performance allegations and negotiated a mutual exit, preserving our client’s reputational and career.

Successfully defending a care provider against claims of sexual orientation discrimination.

The Claimant, who had less than 2 years’ service, had claimed that he was harassed because of his sexual orientation and resigned allegedly in response. We were able to refute the allegations made throughout with clear evidence in support of the performance related concerns which had been raised with him.

Achieving a significant settlement sum for a client who had experienced systemic racism at work

We acted for a black lawyer who worked in a large firm. His claim involved race discrimination – including racist remarks made by a partner. He was also side-lined and unable to hit his target, due to a concerted effort to divert work away from him. We assisted our client with a grievance and negotiated a significant compensation on his behalf.

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