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Running a business can be fast-paced and complex at the best of times. Fulfilling your legal obligations to your employees and customers is important. At Hodge Jones & Allen, we offer clear and commercial advice to business managers and HR teams of all sizes, from a wide range of industries and business backgrounds.

We can offer assistance and guidance in your query and help you to ensure a positive outcome in the most economical and business-effective way possible.

Our experienced team can also advise on the best ways to approach your own business culture and can help you craft a healthy, happy working environment for you and your employees.

Employment Law advice for Employers

Our employment law specialisms include:


It can be a difficult decision to make staff redundant, we can advise on this delicate matter and ensure a fair procedure.

Creating and updating employment contracts and policies

You may need advice on creating sound employment contracts and policies that protect you and adhere to the latest legal requirements.

Drafting and enforcing restrictive covenants

We advise employers on drafting enforceable covenants and we can seek urgent court injunctions to prevent former staff from using confidential information or from soliciting clients.

Managing disciplinary & grievance procedures

It’s important that disciplinary hearings and grievance procedures are managed fairly and that your company policies ensure your employees know what is legally expected of them.


Find out how we can help out with the complexities of TUPE obligations to ensure you are fully compliant and protected.

Employment law training

We can help get your management and HR teams up to standard on the latest legal guidance and employment law regulations.

Defending employment tribunal claims

We can defend you and your business if you are on the receiving end of an employment tribunal claim.

Dealing with flexible working requests

Discover how our expert team can advise on proper protocol for handling employee’s flexible working requests and your legal requirements as an employer.

Maternity, paternity and family friendly policies

Ensure you are adhering to requirements when creating your maternity and paternity policies. Our team can offer guidance and even help draft your policy.

Dealing with employee absence

Find out how to draft your sickness terms so employees understand their rights when it comes to taking leave off work for illness.

Changing terms and conditions of employment

You may need to redraft your employee’s contract, such as when offering a pay rise, our expert team can help you do this correctly.

Working during coronavirus

During this unprecedented time the workplace has undergone serious upheaval, with staff working from home, government-backed furlough leave and businesses facing tough redundancy decisions.

We’re committed to provide our services to those in need, whether employee or business. No matter your situation, query or question our experienced team can offer the due guidance, consideration and care.

We’ve answered all the key questions and provided plenty of information on working during the coronavirus crisis below:


With so many policy changes throughout the pandemic it can be difficult to have a clear understanding of your rights and duties as a business. We can help, giving you the right advice and support to work out if you want to take things further and the next steps to do so.

If you’re faced with a difficult decision or situation at work due to COVID-19, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Employment Law team.


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Why choose Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors?

We offer a leading service for employers covering a range of complex cases and legal issues.

Our experienced team advises and acts for a wide range of clients, from small businesses to large entrepreneurial businesses. Each case is handled by the most suitable member of our team and all advice will be tailored to your individual needs to make sure you get the outcome you desire.

What drives and unites us is Hodge Jones & Allen’s ethos: the firm has dedicated almost forty years to fighting injustice and helping businesses stand up for their rights and get the justice they deserve. We have extensive experience in helping you and your family get the justice you deserve, in a wide range of different circumstances.


Featured cases

Successfully defended claims for discrimination and unfair dismissal

The claim was brought by an employee who felt aggrieved after being dismissed by a start-up company. We were able to persuasively present the case which demonstrated that the dismissal was neither discriminatory, nor unfair. Had the claims succeeded, the business could have gone into administration and so the result was extremely well received by the business.

Achieving a commercial resolution in the face of a complex TUPE situation

We advised a sub-contractor on their TUPE obligations when their contract was taken back in-house on short notice by the main contractor, particularly in relation to dealing with employees where there was a dispute as to whether they were assigned to the service being taken back in-house. We helped our client achieve a commercial resolution.

Successfully negotiated mutual termination for client

Following the long-term absence of an employee, the business sought to remove the employee on the grounds that he was no longer capable of doing his role. The client sought advice after it had received a lengthy grievance from the employee alleging disability discrimination and potential unfair dismissal. We assisted our client in investigating the grievance, ensuring the business would be able to justify its position. Obtained medical evidence, which was helpful to our client and negotiated a mutual termination which was cost effective and favourable to our client.