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Housing Disrepair Success Stories – Pregnant Mum Suffers Horrendous Disrepair is Finally Moved & Compensated

The Housing Team at Hodge Jones & Allen have been defending the rights of tenants since 1977. We understand how your life can be turned upside down when a landlord refuses to make repairs to your home.

With this case series, each week we plan to share the details of another successful settlement to show tenants that help is available to get results and/or gain compensation.

We represented a pregnant tenant who lived in a property with poor housing conditions whilst in her last trimester of pregnancy. Her landlord was a housing association who were ignoring her for years. We were able to assist her by sending a Letter of Claim to her landlord highlighting the issues she had sustained at the property for the past 6 years, since she first moved in.

The issues mainly concerned cracks in the property, rotten window frames, damp and mould in the property. The cracks were so severe in the property that rainwater penetrated into her home and caused mould and damp throughout. For years she reported these issues to the landlord, who either disregarded her complaints, or downplayed the severity or just simply ignored her and failed to take action.

Within 3 months, the property became substantially worse and the condition deteriorated following an escape of water following a leak form the upstairs neighbours property, which began to trickle waste water into her home causing mushrooms growing on her walls. The client was moved on an emergency basis and sadly all her belongings were ruined and were beyond repair.

Through our hard work and efforts, we were able to secure an agreement from her landlord where she received £23,000 compensation, replacement of her furniture and a permanent move from her property.

Bahareh Amani is a Senior Associate in our Housing team and is committed to helping vulnerable tenants to seek justice and compensation for her tenants. She uses her experience to settle and negotiate results for her clients, where possible avoiding court action.

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