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Job description


RESPONSIBLE TO: Partner, as designated by the firm.

ROLE: To provide a high quality legal service to all our clients whilst gaining competency to practice as a solicitor in a supported environment.


1. Case and Transaction Management

These duties will initially be conducted under the supervision of a partner:-

  • Conduct interviews with clients
  • Gain understanding client expectations and requirements
  • Assess legal problems
  • Advise clients on costs
  • Conduct legal research
  • Successfully deliver transactional goals
  • Devise outline strategy for case
  • Draft case papers
  • Obtain information from relevant experts
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the other side’s case
  • Brief a barrister
  • Negotiate settlements
  • Meet deadlines for court appearance
  • Issue proceedings
  • Attend court to conduct advocacy and/or with counsel and/or to take notes
  • Make applications to the court
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Comply with all office procedure requirements

2. Administration

  • Maintain the training record
  • Conduct self-appraisal and development planning
  • Actively participate in supervision and appraisal
  • Complete time recording
  • Maintain files (usually electronically but also in paper)
  • Deal with billing, paying costs and closing files
  • Follow administrative systems and procedures

3. Development

  • Gain competency in the skill standards
  • Participate in team meetings and social and charitable activities
  • Attend internal courses and pass the Professional Skills Course
  • Keep up to date with law and practice
  • Assist business development
  • Achieve admission to the roll

Personal Skills

You will be expected to provide professional, efficient and friendly service to clients.

Interpersonal Skills

You will be expected to communicate clearly and appropriately, both orally and verbally with other parties whilst maintaining excellent working relationships. Other duties include being able to negotiating with clients and other professionals to secure the desired objective(s).

Academic skills

You will have a good academic record having preferably obtained a 2.1 degree or higher at University and passed all the necessary law exams.

Organisational Skills

You will be expected to assist in the preparation of cases, usually under pressure and to tight deadlines. You must, therefore, be able to prioritise workloads at any given time.

Management Skills

You will have the ability to view situations from a commercial or business perspective. This requires you to look at a situation from different angles. You must, therefore, be capable of delegating tasks, supervising where appropriate and working on your own initiative.