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Guidance notes for trainee solicitors

The application form plays an important part in the selection process. Please follow the advice below when completing the form.

Before completing your application, please take time to browse through the form so you are well aware of what information you will need to supply.

Remember leave yourself enough time before the deadline to complete your application.

1. Completing the application

Be honest and accurate in the answers that you give. If necessary produce a rough copy first as it will give you the opportunity to ensure that your form is well organised and relevant. We really want to read about your experiences to date and your main reasons for pursuing a career in law.

Before submitting your application, we advise you take the opportunity to read your answers carefully to check for errors.

2. Printing your application

The answers you give may well serve as the basis of the interview, should you be invited. We therefore recommend that you retain a printout of your completed application form for your future reference.

3. Any queries

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. If you have any further questions then please contact Katie Staines, HR Advisor.

4. Deadline

Friday 26 July 2024.