‘Be Seen Not Hurt’ Campaign

Posted on 10th October 2016

With Autumn approaching, children returning to school and with the days becoming shorter, it is of no surprise that more incidents will occur on the roads. The Department for Transport reported in June 2016 that there were a total of 186,209 casualties of road traffic accidents in 2015. Some of these incidents have involved pedestrians.

The Child Brain Injury Trust are raising awareness of the importance of being seen and road safety awareness with National Glow Day on Friday 14th October 2016. People are encouraged to wear their brightest clothing and fluorescent wear if possible.

Some top tips for being seen include:

  • Wearing a florescent vest or high visibility jacket as a cyclist.
  • Wear bright clothing as pedestrians and attach reflectors to bags or outer clothing.
  • Wear a helmet if cycling with lights or reflectors.
  • Ensure cycles have lights on and reflectors to be seen in the dark.
  • Cross roads where possible at a pedestrian or pelican crossing where the area is well lit.
  • School children should be encouraged to walk in groups to be seen.
  • Avoid crossing roads between parked cars, especially in unlit areas.
  • Always walk on the side of the pavement where you are facing oncoming traffic so you can see cars approaching.
  • Keep a torch in case of an emergency.

Personal injuries can arise in the Autumn/Winter months especially where people are not seen. I have dealt with a number of clients who have been involved in road traffic accidents, including pedestrians hit by vehicles in the dark. Sometimes an element of contributory negligence can be attached to the person who has been injured if they were not for example wearing bright clothing and could not be seen. The same can apply where cyclists have failed to use the appropriate lights and reflectors.

The Personal Injury and Medical Negligence Teams at Hodge Jones and Allen Solicitors will be showing their support for National Glow Day by a ‘Dress Brightly Day’ on Friday 14th October 2016.

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