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Stansted 15 – It’s Over!

The CPS today confirmed that they would not seek to appeal the Court of Appeal decision in the Stansted 15 case. The Court of Appeal itself had overturned the 15’s conviction on 31 January 2021. The CPS confirmed today that they would not seek to further appeal to the Supreme Court, nor would they proceed with an outstanding charge of aggravated trespass that was still on the file in the Magistrates’ Court.

Raj Chada, Head of Crime at Hodge Jones & Allen and solicitor for the 15 welcomed the news.

“After nearly 4 years of legal proceedings, our clients can finally draw a line under this case – it is over. Whilst the criminal case is over for them, the anguish and suffering of those facing deportation goes on. Our clients’ thoughts remain with those detained, with those facing the threat of deportation and those that are the victims of the hostile environment. Any campaign to stand with the Stansted 15 must continue to stand with the victims of these injustices. An injustice to one is an injustice to all”

Raj is one of the country’s leading criminal lawyers and the New Statesman publication labelled the Stansted 15 case as “the most important political trial of our times.”