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High Court Throws Out Criminal Contempt Case Against Climate Activist Trudi Warner

Trudi Warner was accused of criminal contempt for holding placard outside a court trial reminding jurors of right to acquit based on conscience

A High Court judge this morning has thrown out an attempt to prosecute a woman for criminal contempt. Mr Justice Saini said there was no basis for the prosecution of Trudi Warner, 69, for criminal contempt for holding a placard outside the trial of climate activists, which informed jurors of their right to acquit a defendant based on their conscience.

The solicitor general had argued that Warner, a retired social worker, had committed the contempt by holding the sign that was read by potential jurors at the opening of the trial in April 2023.

Raj Chada, Partner at Hodge Jones and Allen who represented Trudi Warner, said: “The Judge said that the State’s case was “fanciful”. It is a powerful judgement that reminds us of our civil rights and legal traditions. The fundamental principle that a jury can acquit according to their conscience is alive today. It can still act as a check against what an ordinary citizen will say is an injustice – and perhaps we need it now more than ever before.”

Clare Montgomery KC and Rosalind Comyn, both of Matrix Chambers were instructed in this matter.

Other groups such as the Good Law Project and Defend Our Juries assisted in the campaign to assist Ms Warner.

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