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Greta Thunberg Found Not Guilty Today at Westminster Magistrates Court after Protest at Energy Intelligence Forum in October 2023

Raj Chada, Partner at Hodge Jones and Allen, represented environmental campaigner Greta Thunberg at a trial at Westminster Magistrates Court, who was found not guilty today.

She had been charged for failing to comply with police conditions that had been imposed on the protest that she had been attending. These police powers have undergone significant reform over the last year in efforts by Government to crack down on peaceful protest.

District Judge Law found that Greta and the other four defendants had no case to answer as the conditions were unclear and unreasonable, had not been properly communicated to them and disproportionately interfered with her right to free speech under article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Raj Chada said: “This verdict shows the danger of clamping down on peaceful protest. Rather than prosecute climate defenders, the State would better use its time to deal with the climate crisis that threatens our very planet”

Raj Chada represented three of the defendants including Ms Thunberg in Court. Owen Greenhall of Garden Court Chambers represented the other two.


All media enquiries for Greta Thunberg should be directed to:

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